Smith getting ready to set officials

Reggie Smith is ready for football to start and ready to sit back and really start thinking about his leaders and officials. The summer has passed; practice and school are upon one of the most sought after players in the nation.

Sometimes, a player can be labeled as an athlete because the position that they play in high school doesn't translate well in college football. Or, it could be because he is just the best player on the field and is playing a position because that is where a team can center on him.

For Reggie Smith, it's more the latter and a little bit of something on it's own. Reggie Smith is being recruited by some as a safety, which he will play in high school. Other schools are talking about wide receiver, which he will also play. But, some schools say that he also has the speed and that uncommon height to be a great college cornerback.

"I'll be playing safety this fall. It's always safety. I'll also play wide receiver and running back on offense," Smith said. "Some say I'd be a great corner back. Some say safety and some say wide receiver. I like playing safety. Most think that I would be a better corner back or wide receiver."

Regardless of where you put Smith at on the field, you have yourself a difference maker. At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds Smith can make an impact at all the positions. He can even punt if you ask him. As a junior Smith rushed for 963 yards, had 491 receiving yards and totaled 20 touchdowns. Defensively he registered 73 tackles and 9 interceptions.

That's why the nation's best have traveled to Edmond during the evaluation period to see Smith and most of them end up offering. Although he is well into the double-digits for offers, Smith hasn't narrowed the field of suitors, yet.

"I went to camps at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, USC, and while I was there visited UCLA. I also went to junior days at Texas A&M and went to the Kansas State spring game. I pretty much enjoyed different things at each school while I was there."

"I don't have any favorites right now. I'm trying to figure that out. I haven't set any official visits yet. I'll probably start that at the beginning of the season. I'll probably take two during the season when we play a Thursday night game."

Will Smith take officials to the two in-state schools, or will he be more apt to see them on unofficials and tale the officials elsewhere? "I'm pretty sure that I don't want to take an official to the in-state schools."

Helping him sort out some of his thoughts about where he will possibly go to college are commitments of other schools. So far, Reggie has received two phone calls of commitments that he has been able to take.

"I spoke to Craig Roark of Ada, Okla. and David Nelson. Phillip Dillard is supposed to be calling me bug hasn't. I've seen Craig and Phillip at All-State. I saw Phillip at the Oklahoma State junior day and I saw Roark at Texas A&M junior day.

The pressure is there for Smith to stay in-state from friends and family while high school kids already committed elsewhere are doing their best to have Reggie follow them. This recruiting war is just starting for Smith and it's not even September.

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