Help Wanted: O-line - Enter, Rodney Picou

<b>Help Wanted</b>: Big guys, must be fast, agile, have good hands, be pretty strong or better and must have an affinity for corn. Must also be able to move heavy objects (or people) out of the way at will or be able to stop same objects (people) at their leisure. Enter, Rodney Picou. A Californian offensive linemen that could be some of those things, but for his future as a Husker, he plans on achieving them all.

The commit of offensive lineman, Rodney Picou to the Huskers was a nice sigh of relief. For a team, coaching staff and even fan-base in hopes to address some depth-issues at the position, big bodies are certainly nice.

And, it's not like Rodney is any old big body, the 6'4" 295 lbs. standout able to bench 320, squat 450 and he ran a 5-flat forty at a Summer camp in Nebraska. Add to that solid feet, good agility and even if Rodney isn't an instant success, he's got the potential to be one eventually for NU.

That's only part of the reason why Rodney ultimately chose Nebraska instead of waiting out the recruiting process to see if more offers would come. "I liked coach Busch." Rodney said of linebacker coach, Bill Busch. "He's always been there to help and I know he'll be there to help if I need it at Nebraska."

The timing of the decision wasn't just some epiphany Picou had either as he wanted to nip the recruiting process in the butt before it nipped him. "It was already hectic and I didn't want to deal with that pressure anymore." Rodney said. "It's just more stress than I wanted to deal with right now."

"I figured it was a good time to make the decision and so that's what I did."

It's a decision that didn't come easy for Picou, however, even in the face of the recruiting pressure. Picou had something else on his mind - his friend.

Teammate and best friend, Richard Pacheco and Rodney had this dream, one of playing together. That dream dies hard now with Picou heading to NU and Pacheco not likely to be offered. It was tough for Rodney to make that decision, but as Picou stated, he had to think of the bigger picture in the end. "Yeah, I didn't like it - it was tough." he said of going someplace Richard probably wouldn't be. "We wanted to play together, but I know that I have to do what is best for me."

Rodney is all thinking of other things in regards to his future, this one actually off the field instead of on.

As of this moment Picou isn't qualified for the NCAA Clearinghouse. It is perhaps the biggest reason that this Canyon Springs High star hasn't been recruited nearly as heavy as he might have otherwise. The realization of this has certainly not been lost on Picou as he said it's been his biggest priority and will continue to be all year. "I've got a 2.5 right now so they said I only need an 820 on my SAT." he said. "And, I am really confident I am going to do better than that."

Husker fans might worry some if Rodney does much better than that, because if he does, a certain school might come calling. USC, an obvious favorite of Rodney's hasn't offered him thus far, but one has to wonder if Rodney would still be a future Husker if they did. "I don't know." Rodney said. "That's a really hard question. I would have to think about that one for awhile."

And, it appears that USC isn't the only team that might pose a danger to Picou's current commit. "Probably USC and Florida State." he said. "I mean, I'd still have to think hard about that, but they offered, it would be hard not to think about them a lot."

We won't project as to the chances of either the Trojans or Seminoles offering, because for now they haven't and Picou remains steadfast that unless those circumstances arise, he's a Husker to be. Rodney did say though that Nebraska isn't just a team that will do if a couple of others don't come through - it's a place he's very happy to be. "I'm happy to be a Husker." he said. "Everything about that program is great. If you get an offer to play with them, it's special and I can't wait to play."

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