One official set and may only take four for Suh

Nebraska is expecting a huge visitor literally and figuratively in October. At 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds, he is a position that is definitely in high need of bringing in some quality players next year.

Ndamukong Suh is getting recruiting attention from everywhere. He is holding 11 total offers from all over the country; from in the backyard with Oregon State, to the beaches of Miami, and to the middle of the mid-West with Nebraska.

Regardless of the attention, Suh is looking forward to practice which doesn't even start until next week with their first game coming on September 8. "I've been training all summer," Suh said. "I've been trying to keep my core lifts strong."

Suh only planned to attend one camp this summer, but missed it due to injury. "I injured my ankle. I tore some ligaments. Everything is fine now. I did make a trip over to Oregon State."

While Suh is unwilling to announce leaders he did say that some schools are separating themselves from the other offers. "There's a couple I'm more interested in. They are Nebraska, Miami, Oregon State and Mississippi State. All of them have offered."

While Nebraska has to feel good about separating themselves from some of the others they really have to feel good with securing the first scheduled visit from Suh. "I set one up to Nebraska for October 2. I'll definitely take one to Miami, Oregon State and I am not sure on the other ones. I might not take all five."

There is one thing that Suh cites that all of the leaders have that is very important to him. "I like all of their coaches a lot. That is what is drawing me to those four schools, their coaches. Especially my defensive line coach. You need a good relationship there."

Nebraska just happened to hire a brand new defensive line coach this past season that, so far, has been drawing rave reviews by his players and recruits. "Coach Blake is very out-going. He's very open as well. He's religious, which I like. Overall he's a great man."

And if it wasn't enough what Suh is hearing it from a friend who Blake used to coach at Mississippi State. "I've heard all of these great things about him. My sister's boyfriend at MSU had a great relationship with Coach Blake. After talking to her boyfriend about these stories I'd heard they were pretty much all true."

Ndamukong's sister is at Mississippi State playing soccer. Is there any pressure by the older sibling to attend the same school? "It's my decision and even if I were to go there she would be gone unless she was attending graduate school there. She graduates in May."

There is one school that is noticeably absent from Suh's list. That school is the other in-state school, Oregon. Unfortunately for Oregon, they don't offer an engineering degree that Suh is interested in, but Suh is still interested in business possibly and it is keeping Oregon on his list. He stated that Nebraska offers both possible fields of study that he is interested in.

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