NU Fall Practices - Day 4

For Day 4, the Huskers went inside Memorial stadium for the first time this fall. And once more with partial-pads, the contact while limited by the not quite complete wardrobe was still fairly intense. Callahan referred to this time as the "dog days" even before two-a-days has begun and Nebraska is trying to get better.

As Day 4 hit the inside of Memorial stadium, one of the big questions was towards the health of two certain Huskers. Defensive tackle, Brandon Teamer and running back, Tierre Green both went off the field with injuries during yesterday's practice. And today, Callahan had a little better idea of just what the natures of the injuries were.

"Teamer has a high ankle-sprain." he said. "It's mild, so we're hopeful that we can get him back in a week. And, Tierre had a slight hamstring strain - it's wasn't a tear or a pull, so we backed him down today. And Lydon Murtha, seemingly, bumped into the chute somehow and either sprained his ankle or sustained some type of a calf-injury. So, we're going to have to find out and we're getting him x-rayed right now as we speak.."

Aside from the obvious worried about the seriousness of injuries to some even more obviously key players, Callahan said that the team is progressing along. And, everyone is eager for tomorrow when the real action begins as the Huskers get to put their full suits on. "We're anxious for pads tomorrow." Callahan stated. "We'll get a little live scrimmage here and there tomorrow and we'll let our guys bang it around."

That time when the team finally does get to don what Callahan referred to as the "full pack" is a time where players get to cut loose. A little more actual contact, a little "live" action, so Callahan is looking forward to tomorrow. "We got a chance to get into some isolated scrimmage situations where we don't beat up the team, but we get some work in necessary areas." Callahan stated. "We'll try to be as smart as we can, keep them fresh and healthy and get the work that we need to get in."

One of the races that continues to heat up for the Huskers is at the number two slot of the quarterback position. Today, freshman Ryan Goodman got an increase in his reps, but Callahan simply called this a way to evaluate everyone for a spot that became available after Jordan Adams went down. "We're continuing to evaluate that second spot." he said. "Beau Davis is holding that down, but the competition is pretty fierce in there with Jordan Adams being down right now, we are looking at everybody."

Other races that are featuring battles with a vast array of players are at wide receiver and of course, special teams' return positions. Yesterday, defensive coordinator, Kevin Cosgrove stated of the return positions that the position was basically up for grabs, Callahan reiterated that somewhat regarding the battle for the wideouts to get on the field. "Our wide receiver group - we need so much work." Callahan stated. "We're rotating everybody. Shamus, Marque - we're putting Terrance Nunn in the mix. We moved Andy Birkel from Split End - our "X" position over to the flanker which is our "Z" position, so we've been mixing and matching quite a bit at the wide receiver spot."

The mixing and matching will no doubt continue there as will probably at a host of other spots on the team. And while the depth chart may look a certain way now, it's a good bet that at least on the offensive side, there's some major shifting yet that could go on.

The Huskers will get one step closer in weeding through and figuring out just who will go where tomorrow as they hit full pads and start two-a-days on Saturday.

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