Injuries make headlines for Day 5

Nebraska hit full pads today for the first time this Fall. With that came an obvious increase in the hitting, players knocking heads as it were during the times the action was "live". It's perhaps the second stage now as the Huskers progress to the beginning of the season. It will be, however, without the use of one player that was slated to vie possibly for a starting job.

The Huskers will take on Western Illinois in approximately three weeks. They will be doing it, however, without the use of their junior college transfer QB, Jordan Adams. Adams is now slated to have surgery where he will have his spleen removed. This is the culmination of a problem that has plagued Adams since he had "mono" several months ago. The complications led to this point, but head coach Bill Callahan was steadfast in that they are not willing to concede Jordan is done for the year.

BeauDavisS.jpg - 67604 Bytes

QB, Beau Davis now looks to have
a clear edge as the number two
with the departure of Jordan Adams
for surgery.
"Hopefully, we can get him back in a month." he said. "He won't be out for the season - we are not ruling out that possibility. The doctors feel that they can go in there, remove the spleen in a couple weeks and get him back two weeks after that. So, we are going to be real interested to see how that comes out."

The loss of Jordan is a major blow to the quarterbacking ranks for NU. Adams was considered to be at the very least the number two guy heading into the regular season. With his loss, players like Beau Davis and now Ryan Goodman are going to be looked at with an even finer eye as the back-up spot is now theirs for the taking. "We've got some young guys that are getting a lot of reps." Callahan stated. "Beau Davis is appearing to be handling the chores real well and Ryan Goodman who's come out of nowhere is competing for the second position as well."

"It's tough to have two young freshmen competing, but they are doing good. You don't

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According to coach Callahan, true
freshman, Ryan Goodman has
came on strong, battling Beau
Davis for the number two spot on
the depth chart.
want to be in that situation, but we are and we have to do the best we can."

With the situation now putting Dailey as the lock at number one, all eyes will be back once again upon him to see just how he's faring in acclimating to this new offense. Dailey was probably the number one anyway considering the health situation to Adams prior to Fall practice, but now the staff will work as though he's indeed THE man - something they've done predominately as it is. "Joe's had all the reps, so he has a clear cut advantage over the young players right now." Callahan stated. "He's really gained a grasp of the offense. He's managing it better. He's starting to get the feel. This system requires patience and a lot of precision and the timing has to be there."

"He's starting to get it, but it will take all these practices to get him where we want him to be."

Of the young players developing at the position, Beau Davis continues to impress the staff and also continues to show that despite his stature, Davis shows remarkable strength. "For a guy of his stature, you wouldn't think that he could throw the ball with that type of velocity." Callahan stated. "That's the one thing that jumps out at me and all of us. You are back there fifteen yards and all of a sudden, the ball comes flying out like a rope, you know, like a razor and that's really unique for a guy of his stature."

Davis' stature has been the only real issue with his vying for any position on the depth chart at QB. And, one of the biggest questions that is asked about Davis is one that can't be answered during Fall practices - how can he take a hit? With the green jersey firmly in place, contact on the quarterbacks is strictly prohibited. So, it could realistically be until an actual game when Davis has his first opportunity at contact in Division 1-A.

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Offensive lineman, Lydon Murtha
is expected to be out at least 2
weeks with a high ankle-sprain.
Murtha - only a trueh freshman
was one of the young players
that appeared to have a solid
shot to play this year.

Along the same lines with the younger players, NU was dealt another blow with the now prolonged absence of offensive lineman, Lydon Murtha. Suffering what was called a high ankle-sprain yesterday when a blocking chute fell on the back of his leg, Murtha is projected to be out for most of the remainder of Fall camps.

Callahan stated that, that comes as a particular blow because the hopes behind Murtha have thus far been very high. "It's going to hurt a little bit." Callahan stated of losing Murtha. "He was progressing pretty well. "I was hoping that we could eventually get him ready for the second half of the season."

Another freshman that is considered very likely to see playing time is wide receiver, Terrance Nunn. Throughout Fall practices Nunn has showed a remarkable ability to grasp the assignments he's been given and the staff has taken notice. "For a young wide receiver, you can tell that he's a player that has played in a passing offense." Callahan stated. "He understands "zone", "man", reads, he can make the conversions and he has the speed to adjust and the hands to make the plays."

Plays are something that Nebraska will get twice as much of for awhile now as two-a-days start tomorrow. Kicking off the first practice in the morning at 8:45 and the second at around 3:00, Nebraska will alternate their two-a-day practices in accordance to NCAA rules every other day until they finish them up on Saturday the 22nd.


Not in practice along with the aforementioned players were defensive tackle, Brandon Teamer and running back, Tierre Green. Both are still sidelined with injuries, Teamer with a mild high ankle-sprain and Green with a slight strain of the hamstring. It's still not definite when either will return to the field.

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