Nebraska still in it for Youngblood?

Things are becoming a bit clearer for the nation's No. 2 rated offensive lineman. Who is going to make that cut for the leader board? Who will get the official visits and will be take an official to the in-state schools?

One of the most highly sought after players in the nation this year is Reginald Youngblood. The name alone just screams football player, but it's his play on the field that have drawn offers from some the nation's best.

Never mind counting the offers anymore. Anyone who is anyone has stepped up and offered and besides that a narrowing of the list has already taken place.

Reginald is a complete player that projects to be an offensive tackle at the next level and a great one at that. With his long arms, strength and agility for a guy that is 6-foot-5 and 285 he is definitely one of the best in the nation. So what does one of the best in the nation do to improve himself?

"I was lifting and running every day. We did drills as a team Monday through Thursday with Friday as an off day, Youngblood said. "I just got home from practice. It was good. It feels really good. We have a scrimmage this Saturday."

The attention for Youngblood is only rivaled by a few in the nation this year. He has taken a look at the list of offers though and thought a while about what it will take to put a team on his leader board.

"I've thought about it a little bit. I started to narrow it down some. It's LSU, Miami, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida State, Tennessee and Nebraska. I haven't set up any officials yet. I'll set some up soon. I'll visit Miami and Oklahoma for sure."

Youngblood anticipates that he will take all five visits and that some will come during the season and some after. When it comes to picking out a college Youngblood gave us some of his thoughts.

"Where I am most comfortable and I'll look at the depth chart too. I want to play by my second year. I am looking at academics and a real comfortable place."

Youngblood went to camp at LSU this summer although he did not participate. He also attended the spring game at Texas, but isn't sure whether he will take an official there or not. "I was thinking about that. They are just right up the road. I will take an unofficial there. That doesn't mean that they don't have a shot."

Another team that is still there and has a shot for his services is Nebraska. "I like them. They got Coach Callahan and changed the offense. There's more versatility now in their offense. I spoke with Craig Roark and he sounds real excited about Nebraska."

Husker fans will be anxiously waiting to see if Nebraska gets one of the three open vacancies for officials from Youngblood.

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