Ishie ready to pull the trigger on commitment?

One of the most complete safeties in the nation is ready to commit tomorrow. Who is he committing to and why?

Ishie Oduegwu has had a solid summer. He made goals going into the summer and feels like he accomplished his goals.

"I went to a couple of camps and my main goal was to get faster and stronger and I think that I have done that pretty well," Oduegwu said.

Ishie took in camps at Kansas State and Tulsa. He intended to make a camp at Texas A&M but was unable to attend.

His performance on the field last fall and through the summer have led to the accumulation of eight offers. While he hasn't visited one of the schools that have offered, it seems that they are a strong leader and will get a phone call tomorrow.

"I think that tomorrow as a matter of fact that I am going to commit to LSU. I like Coach Saban a lot and my mom likes Coach Williams. She like their academic program."

"I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'm going to go and talk to my coach about it and call Coach Saban."

While it seemed very possible that Ishie and Xavier Kelley would attend school together they most likely will not. Although Kelley is holding an offer from LSU, they are not the leader according to Ishie.

"I'm pretty sure, right now, from what I heard he's probably going to end up at Arizona with Coach Stoops."

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