A new leader for Ishie? Looking North?

With two safety commitments for LSU their class is full at that position. On Monday, Ishie Oduegwu was going to call Coach Saban and LSU up and offer his commitment. What he received has opened the doors to a couple of teams to the North.

A big fish of a safety is still in the recruiting pond. Ishie Oduegwu tried to commit to LSU this past Monday only to learn that LSU was full at that position.

"I think that I just waited too late," Oduegwu said. "My coach told me today that they were full."

There is nothing saying that LSU is completely out of it. If they were to come knocking in November Ishie may still be listening. As of right now it's a new top two schools.

"Right now it's down to Kansas State and Nebraska. I know that I am taking a visit to Nebraska some time in December."

That will probably be the first official, and possibly the final official. Ishie actually saw Kansas State earlier this summer.

"Kansas State was a good environment. It's a lot different area than here. I mean I like it there. I like the coaching staff. It was cool while I was at camp there."

For Ishie there are a couple of real serious things that he looks for when it comes to evaluating a college. "I'm looking for a good academic program, my major (business management) and a good defense where everyone gets along with one another."

Ishie went on to talk about his thoughts about Nebraska's coaching staff. "I'm cool with Coach Gill and Coach Elmassian. I've talked to all of the coaches."

"I think that I would fit in really well at Nebraska. Nebraska is probably standing out to me right now. I'm cool with their coaches."

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