Texas wideout knows where some officials will go

While this isn't necessarily the hot time for recruiting as football seasons are ready to get underway, it doesn't stop kids from looking around, analyzing schools and figuring out their lists. For Brandon La Fell, he's been doing just that and while he doesn't have any official visits scheduled as of yet, La Fell is getting down to it and a decision from him could come even before his football season is over.

Wide Receiver, Brandon La Fell is like any football player at this time of the season - he's ready to play some football. The off-season almost a memory and practice times in pads now part of the regular day, it's time to start playing against people you don't get to see everyday. "That's how it is though." Brandon said of becoming tired of familiar faces. "You get used to what your defense is doing and you just want to get out there against someone else."

La Fell is also chomping at the bit because he's looking forward to outdoing everything he did before, but states that it's not out of ego, but personal satisfaction in knowing that he's upped his game. "That's the biggest goal you can have as a player." Brandon said. "Just get better. If you can get better every time you step on the field, you've done something. That's what I want to do this year."

Coming off a 512-yard performance last year from 39 catches where Brandon scored a total of 9 touchdowns, he's not one that thinks of the sky as the limit, but the sky as a good place to start. "Reach for whatever you can get." he said. "Don't ever sell yourself short in what you can do out there. I do my best and I know that if I have practiced hard, worked out hard, good things are going to happen."

Some of those good things are the almost double-digit offers La Fell has received coming from the likes of Nebraska, Missouri, Arizona and Texas A & M just to name some of them. They are offers that while he's not decided on official visits as of yet, he's taken very seriously as to when he might and where he's going to go.

There are a couple, however, that are "locks" to see a visit from him.

"Nebraska and LSU for sure." Brandon said of his official visit possibilities. "Plus, I think Texas A & M, Missouri and Arizona. I'm not sure about all of them, but I definitely want to visit Nebraska and LSU."

While the Huskers have offered, La Fell said that LSU hasn't and that would lead you to believe the Tigers would be his favorite if they did. Brandon didn't agree. "I like them and they are a school I would consider, but them offering doesn't make them my leader."

Brandon does indeed have a leader though as he's developed a relationship with this recruiter that he's enjoyed as much as any thus far. "Coach Blake is just a really cool guy." Brandon said of Nebraska's defensive line coach, John Blake. "He's been recruiting me since May I think and I really get along with him good. He's a real guy that treats you like a real person and you know where you stand with him. He's just someone that you know you can trust."

Though Brandon has a clear idea as to at least a couple of his official visits, he's not exactly sure as to when those visits will take place. On one hand La Fell said that he wanted to attend games during the season, but on the other, he's got a season of his own. La Fell did state that he would like to have his decision over (if possible) even before his football season is finished. "That's what I would like." he said. "I am hoping to come to a decision by mid-season if I can."

That will mean that Brandon more than likely won't be able to take all of his official visits. Brandon agreed and said of the possibility of him committing even before the mid-point, "Oh, there's always a chance of that. We just have to see how it goes."

Brandon La Fell is part of The Insiders' Hot 100 for the state of Texas.

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