Jackson setting up officials

One of the best running backs on the west coast talks about his summer, offers, positions and favorites. He also talks about the numbers that could be possible this fall.

Practice has finally started for Pasco (Wash.) and Leon Jackson prepares to surpass the amazing numbers he put up last season. What even makes the numbers more amazing is that he really split a lot of time at running back last fall.

Last year Jackson rushed for over 1800 yards while splitting time. Last year Jackson basically alternated series with another running back.

Jackson felt like getting faster and getting stronger were the biggest areas in need of improvement. Jackson already comes in at 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds and runs a 4.4/40.

"We did pretty good at team camp," Jackson said. "It was a learning process this summer. We didn't do great, but we worked it out. After that all of the captains got together and called all of the other players and did conditioning. That is what we did all summer."

Jackson this summer attended a team camp at Eastern Washington, but no individual camps. He was unable to take and unofficial visits as well, but last spring attended junior days at Washington and Washington State.

"I have two official visits set up so far. I have one set up to Nebraska but we have to re-schedule our days. On September 18 I am going to Oregon State," Jackson said.

The weekend at Nebraska that Jackson needs to change is weekend of September 25 for the first weekend in October. Some plans have changed for Jackson and he will be out of town that weekend now.

Jackson is now holding six offers. "Nebraska, Oregon, Idaho, Washington State, California and Washington are the six. They are all equal right now."

Some recruiting services see Jackson as a running back while others see him as a defensive back. Jackson had an interesting take on being recruited as a corner back, "I only played defense last year in cover two situations. They would just put me in to stop the deep pass and only had three interceptions. I did way better on offense than defense."

So far no team to his knowledge is recruiting him for defense over offense. Not only does Jackson think that he did better on offense last year, but that is his preference while he is in college as well. "I'm hard to key on. I can do many things. I'm not afraid to run you over. I'm not afraid to break you down and run around you."

Jackson doesn't cheer for a particular team in college. Instead his Saturdays are still spent in front of the television watching college football to learn. "I just watch that running back and study what he does and see what he does that I don't do. I just like to study."

The interest from Nebraska has been very steady. He receives handwritten letters nearly everyday. He receives the most in particular from Coach Wagner. "It's ridiculous! It's great! I love it. I never would have expected to get an offer from Nebraska. They shocked me. It's been a dream that a big school like that would look at me."

What is even more exciting for Jackson is the implementation of the West Coast Offense in Lincoln. Jackson currently stars in the WCO in Pasco. "That helps them more than anything. I catch the ball a lot right now. I didn't keep track of the number of receptions."

Jackson is really waiting to get some more attention and offers before setting up the rest of his officials. Just recently he received encouraging news that Miami was going to start looking at him. "I am hoping that I impress them so I can visit. I've been looking at California a lot. The quarterback that they we had last year is in JUCO and his thinking about going there. We talked about going to college together. I need to get a hold of him."

Jackson is anticipating that he will take all five officials this fall and will wait until signing day to declare where he is planning on going. Leon is currently rated the No. 11 running back in the nation and is also four stars.

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