The countdown to Sept. 4th begins

Training camp is over and the official season practices have begun. That means the regular one-a-day practices, but that also means class. Players that might have actually liked the fact that they only had to worry about just getting ready for the season, now they have to do that and get their education as well. It's just one of the many things that this staff will deal with as they continue to prepare for Sept. 4th.

It's not easy for players and coaches to do what has had to be done even with their focus totally on the task at hand. Throw anywhere from 12 to 18 credit hours for the semester in there as well and you have a schedule that few would want to even comprehend.

That's life though in the collegiate world and as head coach, Bill Callahan stated, it's just like anything else - something you have to deal with and move on. He did however, expect things to get better after the first few days are done. "For the first days, it's a little bit different." he said. "Guys are juggling class-loads, they are making adds and drops and trying to coordinate their schedules."

"Plus, there are guys that have classes during meeting times or practice times and some players have to meet with the coaches at their lunch hours instead of their normal meeting time, so it's a little bit of juggle in that respect."

That juggling at least ceases though once Nebraska hits the field, training camp now in the rearview mirror. It's not necessarily a time where the team isn't learning anything new, but the emphasis right now is re-learning everything that's been taught already. "We're just trying to define what we are doing." he said. "Refinement and definition - that's our goal."

"That way we can execute without error. We can eliminate the errors in our game. We try to really focus on eliminating all the slow snaps in our game and increasing the fast snaps, so it's much about the mental as it is about the physical right now."

During the two-a-day training camp, the scenarios all seemed to be intermixed with one story after another concerning a variety of injured players. Callahan remarked that up to this point, the team is getting back on their way to being healthy once again.

And, instead of losing players during training camp, it was the addition of players starting today that made some news, the walk-ons reporting and some re-reporting back to the field. That means players like Garth Glissman, Zach Miller and many others are working their way back, but there's some new names to add to the list.

Additions to Roster, Not Previously Listed in Media Guide

No. Player Pos. Ht. Wt. Hometown (High School)

19 Gingery, Travis DB 5-10 170 Lincoln, Neb. (Lincoln East)

36 Lawson, Thomas RB 6-0 215 Parker, Colo. (Ponderosa)

52 Lueck, Tyler LB 6-0 215 St. Paul, Minn. (Cretin-Derham)

40 Peterson, Todd WR 6-4 205 Grand Island, Neb. (Central Catholic)

37 Sampogna, Mike RB 5-10 195 Chicago, Ill.

98 Wesch, Jake PK 6-1 185 North Bend, Neb.

91 Wortman, Tyler LB 6-3 215 Grand Island, Neb. (Central Catholic)

Callahan did say that there would be more reporting and we'll get you the complete list once every walk-on has arrived.

Nebraska takes the field tomorrow for practice and again, counting down the days until their home-opener against Western Illinois. That game is slated to kick off at 6 P.M. Central time and will be aired on pay-per-view on the Fox Sports Net Network.

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