NU getting ready for the real thing

Nebraska took to the inside of Memorial Stadium for Friday's in-season practice. As preparations continue, the time is growing closer that Nebraska has to zero in for the first game of the year. Head coach, Bill Callahan talked about the team's progression and how tomorrow they'll get a taste of a real game before the actual game arrives.

As the days grow few towards the day of the first game, the players are working and preparing to be at the ready for their debut under this new staff. And head coach, Bill Callahan talked about tomorrow as a time where they are going to do just that. "Tomorrow is more of a dress-rehearsal." He said. "We are going to come out and go through a mock-game situation and put the players through a lot of different scenarios."

"We really want to test our special teams. We really want to basically create situations where our special teams will have to respond."

"We want to get our substitution patterns down so there's no substitution errors during the course of the game. So, this will provide us an opportunity to come out, get on the field through our pre-game regiment, go through our bench procedure and of course, go through an actual game."

While this is an actual game at least in practice, Callahan did say that there wouldn't be any scrimmaging for this session.

Sitting out this practice-game, but hoping to be back for the actual one will be a number of players still nursing nagging injuries. Shane Siegel, Jay Moore, Jared Helming and Ben Zajicek were all side-lined, but every player with the possible exception of Zajicek is expected back very soon.

One other player that continues to sit on the "inactive" list so to speak is quarterback, Jordan Adams. Callahan reported after practice today that Jordan underwent the surgery to remove his spleen today and early reports are that the procedure went as planned.

Adams is still considered a potential candidate for play this year despite missing so much time. "From what the doctors indicated, there's going to be a two-week process where he'll be ready to go." Callahan said. "And then of course, he'll have to get back into condition, gain that weight that he dropped, his strength and all and hopefully we can get him back by the end of September."

His addition to the depth chart would no doubt be a pleasant boost for a group that has as it's back-ups two players straight out of the prep level. That position though is up for grabs as many others are still, but that shouldn't be the case for long. Callahan stated that the depth chart is up in the air right now, but they are working on finalizing the units fairly soon. "We will be solidified in terms of who will be starters – we'll have a good feel for that on Sunday, we'll finalize that on Monday and announce that to the media on Tuesday."

Tuesday is the traditional press conference that is held by the program each week before a home football game and the finalized depth chart will be announced there along with Callahan, Cosgrove and a variety of other coaches or players talking about Western Illinois.

This will mark the first meeting between the Huskers and the Leathernecks, Western Illinois competing at the Division 1-AA level. Head coach, Don Patterson is in his fifth season with the program, tallying a 41-18 record over that time.

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