Ishie Oduegwu can change a game in many ways for a team's defense. He is known to come up with a big hit causing fumbles or for a loss. He can also intercept the ball and then make the offense become the defense and tackle him. He is also a force to be reckoned with in special teams when he returns the ball.

Ishie Oduegwu has been waiting for this. The season opener for Denton (Texas) Ryan was last night and Ishie was ready. He had a scrimmage the week before and his stats were impressive then.

Last week Ishie was in double-digit tackles for Ryan High School as he played a lot more than he thought he would. Last night he may not have made the double-digit tackles, but his impact was felt very early in the game and throughout the rest of the game.

I had primo seats last night. For the first half I was hanging out with the coaches from a local high school here in the SMU press box. They were scouting Highland Park, but I was there to see one kid.

I told them to be on the lookout for Ishie and to tell me what they thought. As soon as I was saying it he was making his presence known. Highland Park runs a spread offense with at least twins one way and split the other. They will also run doubles and bring in another receiver.

Defending the double formation Ishie usually found himself up against the slot receiver, who in my opinion, was one of the faster wide outs that Highland Park had. On the third play they knew that Ishie as a safety could cover effectively in man-to-man situations.

On a post pattern, Ishie had the receiver on his hip all the way and when the receiver looked for the ball, so did Ishie. Ishie was able to come right up underneath the receiver and nearly intercepted the ball.

Ishie basically took out his man from the play every time he was in man-to-man coverage. Later in kind of a prevent defense going into half, Ishie was playing centerfield and Highland Park would not test the center of the field.

In the second half Ishie shined. After making some solid tackles Ishie had a chance to redeem himself and made a great interception. Coming from centerfield and playing an over coverage he moved to the far side of the field and made the play. The interception set up a go-ahead touchdown for Ryan.

Ishie wasn't done though. Later in the half he was to return a kickoff and returned it about 50 yards. He showed tremendous speed, quickness and vision when there was a chance to rip off a good return.

Before the return though could have been Ishie's biggest play of the night had the referee's made the correct call. With Highland Park threatening to score and make it a three point ball game with the two point conversion, a big hit was laid on a Highland Park running back who fumbled at the one yard line.

Ishie came out of the endzone and scooped up the fumble only to have open field in front of him. There was little doubt that he would have returned the fumble for a touchdown to me. The fumble was blown dead though and Highland Park scored one play later.

Ishie did a great job meeting my expectations that I had for him last night. He showed why he is one of the best players in the state of Texas and why he will be considered one of the best safeties in the nation. His focus was evident on the field and his skills playing the safety position and in the returning duties blew me away. He has the speed, skill and size to be a big time division I safety.

Yes, that's right I said size. He is a legit 5-foot-10 to 5-foot-11 and looks like he's 200 pounds. He has a good build on him and it's obvious he could put on more. When I spoke to Ishie earlier that day I asked him point blank on a scale of 1 to 10 of the chances that he would end up a Husker. He replied '8'. This would be a solid get for Nebraska.

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