50-50 chance TX RB visits Nebraska this weekend

The leading rusher in the state of Texas last year is off to a blazing start once again! In his first game he had 23 attempts for 238 yards and one touchdown. He also caught two other touchdown passes.

That is why starting today that phone lines will be lit up to Edward Britton. Although he didn't start out as one of the most sought after players in the nation or even in the state he has developed into one.

Last season Britton just averaged over nine yards per carry and totaled 2172 yards rushing and 22 touchdowns. He also averaged 50 yards per punt return.

Britton comes in at 6-foot-1 and 180 pounds. What may be most appealing to college coaches is Britton's ability to catch the football as well as run with the ball.

"I'm up to five offers. I have offers from Texas Tech, Nebraska, UTEP, Baylor and BYU," Britton said. "I'm close to getting an offer from Oklahoma State. When I called them that I should get one later on in the season. They sent me their media guide."

He has received a verbal offer pending a 1200 SAT score from Harvard and Stanford. He has already scored an 1160. He is planning on re-taking to see if he can do better. He isn't set on attending either school, but having that score opens up more doors for Britton.

This coming weekend Nebraska could expect to see one of their top running back prospects on campus for an unofficial. "It's all dependent on my dad and some other circumstances. I'll of course go for an official visit. I'll know more later this week."

Although he hasn't scheduled any official visits, Britton says that for sure he will officially visit Texas Tech and Nebraska. "No, I'll most likely take just three visits. I've been to Texas Tech, Baylor and Stanford for individual reasons. I've seen some of those schools. The only actual official visits that I have planned are Nebraska and Texas Tech. The last one that I will take is still up in the air."

Knowing already that academics is very important to Britton he also said that there are some other key things that he is looking for in a college. "Ultimately of course athletics and how I would fit in their offense and how I just fit where the school is like location and the campus life."

Britton isn't comfortable comparing himself to any other running backs, in particular NFL players. He knows that the biggest difference between him and them is the level of competition that they are at versus where he is.

"I wouldn't say I'm a power running back. I mean, I have power, of course. All running backs have to have it. Call it power-finesse. I come to play every day and I always perform. I can't say that I am a power runner, but I'm a powerful, finesse runner."

"I know people that I know that I would like to run like. I'm in high school. I don't compare myself to anyone. Barry Sanders. Walter Payton. Marcus Allen."

Then, Ahman Green the former Husker running back was brought up. "Oh, yeah. I didn't think about him. Yeah."

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