Hickman will be in Lincoln this weekend

Jacob Hickman has already visited Nebraska once on an unofficial. While the visit went great and he saw a lot of things, one thing was left that he couldn't see at that time - A game in Memorial Stadium. Hickman will get that chance this weekend.

While the season has yet to start for Hickman the recruiting year has. This summer he was busy taking unofficials and sorting out recruiting questions. This weekend begins a big narrowing process for Hickman as they plan to take in an unofficial for a football game.

"We're going to be dropping by for the game at Nebraska," Hickman said. "Going to stop out and visit my brother in Missouri and head over there and check that out."

"I just kind of want to check out a game and see the atmosphere. I want to see what it's like to watch a game there. See what it would be like to play there if I decide to do that."

While the questions and rumors are floating around about Hickman being an offensive or defensive lineman are swirling there is good reason. Jacob himself admits that Nebraska's interest in him is for 'kinda both' and 'wherever they feel like'.

Hickman is currently 6-foot-4 and 250 and runs a 5.0/40. The first game for Bakersfield isn't for another week. They are preparing for their second scrimmage which will take place this coming Friday and after that he is flying into Kansas City and will be in Lincoln this Saturday.

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