NU Notebook - Sept. 2, 2004

NU hit the inside of Memorial for their last full practice before the first game of the year. Check out what's going on leading up to Callahan's first game in our NU Notebook.

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No players returned today from being out due to injury or other circumstances.


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Linebacker, Chad Sievers is still out and is being listed as day-to-day and could be a game-time decision.


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Callahan on recruiting visits this weekend: "It's really key in the sense that we have a number of players coming in town. I believe we have seven players coming in on official visits"

"It's a great atmosphere to be involved in and to be around. And for a recruit to come to the University of  Nebraska for a Saturday night game will be thrilling for them."

Callahan on what he's doing before game: "Preparing, just preparing on the game-plan sheet and make calls. That's what I've normally done."

"I usually get to the stadium four hours before the game, so this will be a little different for me. Evidently, we are leaving about two and a half hours prior to the game, so this will be a little bit different."

"That should allow us an opportunity to spend some time with the recruits that we have in town and a little extra time in preparation for the game as well.



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Kickoff time is 6:00 p.m. central time.

Opponent: Western Illinois (Leathernecks)

Head coach: Don Patterson

Record at WIU: 41-18 (6 years)

Head to head record: first time they have played

Key Players to watch: RB - Travis Glasford, WR
-  Reggie Gray


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