Post-Game sound bytes w/ Coach Callahan

Nebraska hit Memorial for the first time under head coach, Bill Callahan. It was a game where everyone wanted to see for themselves what this new Nebraska would look like. In the first half, the fans got a show that most probably couldn't have expected as the West Coast offense was unleashed. Callahan talked about that and many other things in this edition of Sound Bytes.

(Brief note - Because questions asked of Callahan could not be heard very well, the clips were chopped up and the questions asked listed. This will allow you to know what the coach is talking about, plus the clips are very small so even dial-up users will find it an easy experience)


Confidence in Joe Dailey

Balance on offense

Expectations coming into this game

Was the first-half success a contributor to the second-half sloppiness for Joe?

What will be most scrutinized during film review?

Will the diversity on offense continue?

How did the O-line really do?

What was the most pleasant surprise and how did Kurt Mann do?

Ira Cooper

Talk about the running backs as a whole and Cory Ross

What was it like for you in regards to excitement?

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