Post-Game sound bytes w/ TE, Matt Herian

7 balls. That's how many tight end, Matt Herian caught against Western Illinois. Surprising if you are just judging history, Herian tied for second all-time now in total number of receptions for a tight end in a single game. Surprising as well for Herian, because while he knew things would be different, he wasn't sure just how much. Now he has a pretty good idea. Enjoy this edition of Sound Bytes.

(Brief note - Because questions asked of Callahan could not be heard very well, the clips were chopped up and the questions asked listed. This will allow you to know what the coach is talking about, plus the clips are very small so even dial-up users will find it an easy experience)

Did the game meet your expectations?

Is this the best your offense has played thus far?

How confident are you as a team after beating an opponent like WIU?

How do you think Joe did tonight?

You surprised at catching 7 balls on the night?

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