Wilson rates his visit to Nebraska a '10'!

Utah speedster, Marquis Wilson, just returned from his official at Nebraska. He shared his thoughts with Big Red Report literally minutes after jumping off of the plane.

Marquis Wilson has been tearing up the grid iron. On Friday night he had five receptions for 118 yards and one touchdown. The extra catches were given to him due in large part to some company in the stands that night.

"That was really because the Utah coaches were there that night," Wilson said. "So the coaches said that since they were there that they would try and give me a couple of extra passes."

Wilson left early the next morning for Omaha and then made the one hour drive from Omaha to Lincoln. Marquis and his mom made the trip together.

At the hotel Wilson had a chance to eat and talk with some of the other recruits that were in town for that weekend. "There was Roberto Wallace from Oceanside High School and Russell Tialavea from the same high school. I met Anthony Crosby and I met Spice. His last name is Spicer."

Wilson got a good idea how Cornhusker fans are about his football. On his way into Lincoln he had already seen numerous cars and fans dressed up in red. He also said that he was able to see fans at the stadium hours before the game.

"We went to the hotel where the players were at and saw all of the fans. We spoke to the coaches there. From there we took the bus over to the stadium. Then we made "the walk." There lines of fans and we walked through them giving fives to all of us."

While he made the walks from the hotel to the other hotel to see the coaches and through the walk he heard whispers between people letting him know that they knew he was a recruit in town. "They were saying come to Nebraska and that this is the best place. There were pictures being taken and flashes going off."

"We went inside and ate again. They fed us a lot. We took a look at the field and went back into where they do the tunnel walk. We walked out with the coaches ahead of the other players."

"Then when we got out onto the field we looked at the big screens that they had and we saw the whole tunnel walk. The stadium got real loud. I thought that was real cool. It was great to be a part of that."

Nebraska came out throwing and that is exactly what Wilson wanted to see. "I saw a lot of passes and that was good. I saw that the crowd was really into the game. I noticed that they need a punt returner. They talked a little to me about doing that too."

While Marquis was in Lincoln he was hosted by Terrence Nunn and spent a lot of time with Marque McCray as well. "We went and saw the dorms. Everyone was coming up and saying good game tonight guys and everyone was really into it. They were introducing me as a new recruit. They were telling me to come there. We went driving around and hung out with people like at Stewart Bradley's house."

The day on Sunday was dedicated to seeing the facilities and academics. While Wilson's mom had a good time in Nebraska the talk on Sunday is what she was particularly interested in according to Marquis. "We did that all day yesterday."

"They have a lot of Academic All-Americans. They have a 91% graduation rate on the team. They are really looking out for the best interest of the student. I have no doubts that they would help me in any way that they could."

Although Wilson is undecided when it comes to choosing a major he got some good information on choosing a major, general studies and other information about all of the majors.

Wilson did not make a decision in Lincoln about committing. He has an official coming up this coming weekend to Arizona and then plans on seeing Utah and maybe Utah State. He admitted that Nebraska, Arizona and Utah are his top three right now. He is planning on making his decision by the end of the month.

Although he didn't have a basis for comparison on the official Wilson said that the visit comes in at a '10'. He spent a lot of personal time with the coaches and he was told what would be expected on him if he came there, what position he was being recruited for and wanted to make sure everything was going well for him on his trip.

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