Nebraska impresses Roberto Wallace!

Nebraska is looking for a couple of other receivers to round out this class. Already they are holding the commitment from Wallace Franklin, could another Wallace be joining him?

Roberto Wallace came in at 6-foot-4 and 203 pounds this weekend at Nebraska. His story is intriguing with how he even became a football player, as Americans know it, at all.

After the game on Friday night Roberto and his team mate Russell Tialavea hopped on a plane and went to Lincoln, Nebr. for the season opener against Western Illinois.

"It was great, I got back like three hours ago," Wallace said. "Russell and I missed our flight yesterday and missed practice today."

"Nebraska was great, I like it. I like it a lot. I really liked the environment and how nice the people are down there. Football is so meaningful there."

Wallace had a chance to not only meet with the coach that is recruiting him, but will all of the coaches. He even spent some time with Coach Bill Callahan who found Roberto's story particularly interesting.

"I pretty much told him the whole storey about how I started playing football. He found it fascinating. The whole story about how I started playing."

Wallace was on the field as the Nebraska players came through the tunnel walk. "We saw them come out. It was pretty cool. We liked it. It was pretty creative."

Wallace and other receivers had to notice the changes on the field as opposed to hearing about the changes through the media. Wallace had some strong opinions about the game.

"They looked pretty good, especially for the first time. Shamus McKoy was my host. I pretty much met all of the players."

While Wallace was in Lincoln he had a chance to not only hang out with Tialavea, but many of the other official and unofficial visitors.

"I hung out with Russell, of course. I met (Averel) Spicer, Anthony (Crosby), Marquis (Wilson) and the lineman that is committed to Nebraska Craig Roark. I also met the linebacker that is committed to Nebraska (Phillip Dillard)."

Wallace and the other visitors were not pressured into making a decision then and there. Wallace didn't intend to make a commitment this weekend as well. He is planning on visiting Oregon State and San Diego State in the coming weeks.

"No I don't think that I'll take all five visits. I'm sick of it right now. The phone has been ringing since the first. I got calls from Oregon, Fresno State, Wyoming, Washington State, Nebraska and USC. Nebraska called me the first day at 7:00 in the morning."

When asking Roberto to rate the visit to Nebraska he said it was a '10'. "It was a 10. It was good. Nebraska could be my leader right now, yeah."

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