Closer to being a Husker?

Zach Potter has seen Nebraska games before. Too many to count, but that shouldn't be a surprise. He's a Nebraska kid that does Nebraska kid-like things and that means Husker football. That wasn't his only motivating factor as he unofficially visited NU for their home-opener against Western Illinois as he's looking at Nebraska not as a fan, but as a possible tight end or defensive end to be. So, what did he learn about the "new" Nebraska Huskers?

7 balls for 98 yards.

It doesn't sound like much, but for a tight end, that 7 balls is a load of catches for one game. That's what Matt Herian got, that's what Zach Potter saw and he came away impressed. "I can't say I was surprised, but you never know until you actually see the game." he said. "It was nice to see Herian get all those balls though, because that's one thing I am looking at as far as being involved with the offense."

Potter also said that he was watching the defensive ends as he may eventually play that position as well.

I had to ask, because being a Nebraska kid, Potter certainly had a point of reference, ‘how did this compare to openers before?'. With all the hype surrounding this new era of Nebraska football, you'd assume that the first game of that new era would be something special indeed. Callahan and company didn't disappoint. "There was so much more talking before this one." Zach said. "I guess that builds it up a lot more and you are more excited to see it happen, so yeah, I'd say it was pretty exciting to see."

Not as exciting as Husker fans who knew who Potter was and saw what he was wearing on that evening. Zach sporting the typical scarlet Nebraska shirt wasn't just a Husker fan in their eyes, but obviously an actual Husker to be.

Or was he? "I don't know what they were getting all excited about." Zach said. "I'm from Nebraska, going to a Nebraska game. I mean, what did they think I was going to wear?"

Yes, Zach does have in his wardrobe a selection of Nebraska apparel, just like any other Husker fan that has grown up inside of the Big Red state. That doesn't, however, mean he's a Husker now and doesn't necessarily mean that he's destined to be. "I'm still not close to making my decision." he said. "I'm thinking Thanksgiving-ish, because that's around the time after the state title game where we plan to be."

Zach said that he's still looking at other teams, but also said that he's not planning on taking any official visits as well.

So, what does that mean for a young man that seems to have Nebraska written all over him, yet he's steadfast in saying otherwise and sticking to his guns? It means that for Husker fans to call Zach a Husker, they have one of two choices.

First - They can just pretend he is one, refusing to acknowledge that he'll go anyplace else other than Lincoln, Nebraska.

Second - Wait and hope that he proves everyone right.

Zach's in no hurry to do anything other than play his final season of high school football at Creighton Prep. And, the longer that season lasts for him, the happier he's going to be. As for a decision? Zach is taking it all in stride. "I know everyone out there wants me to make my decision because they all thinking I am going to Nebraska." he said. "I just want to take my time. I don't think I need to rush anything and I don't think I should."

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