Huskers looking to beat USC

Everyone wants him. Rated as the best defensive end in the country, you just know that anyone that is anyone wants this young man for their own. It's those fortunate enough to get a visit from him that sit as the top prospects for this prospect, but the question has to be asked, does anyone stand a chance against USC? Nebraska tried their hand as Averell Spicer visited NU officially and he told us if NU could hang with the Trojans.

At this point Averell Spicer is about numb to "you are our number one". He's heard it all, listened to all the sales pitches and been witness to more mail than some small-town post offices.

For him, it wasn't about what he read or what he heard, but saw with his own two eyes.

That's what he did at Nebraska.

On his first official visit of the recruiting year, Averell headed down to Lincoln, Nebraska to see the new-look Huskers and that famous "Sea of Red". And for him, what he found impressive about the program at least was the very foundation the program thrives upon.

It's fans.

"Big time." he said. "It's just big time what they have for fan support there. That tunnelwalk, the crowd, all that red, that's just awesome."

The actual game didn't hurt either as Spicer got to see just how Nebraska uses his position to it's fullest capabilities, but more than that, Spicer liked who it was that was doing the using. "Coach Blake is something else." Spicer said of defensive line coach, John Blake. "He's a character. I liked that guy a lot."

He along with the other coaches and his hosts (Cortney Grixby and Brandon Jackson) all made Spicer feel at home, something he's particularly looking for in the school of his choice. Of course, that and a few other things as well. "You want to be comfortable, but I am looking at the depth chart, the fans, the academics, just a lot of stuff and Nebraska did a great job."

Back to the original inquiry though, how great is "great". Was it enough to match USC?

Not having had a chance to officially visit USC yet, Spicer wasn't ready to say. And of course, there's Florida State, another school that Averell is looking at quite heavily at this time.

Throw in a couple of more schools, but these are schools that Averell said it's up to them to get into the top three, because for right now, his top three is pretty solid with the Trojans, Huskers and ‘Noles.

"I'm thinking about visiting Oklahoma and LSU." Spicer said. "If they impress me enough, I'll consider them, but right now I would say that USC, Florida State and Nebraska are my top three."

Unless Spicer pulls a shocker, the suspense behind where he'll officially go is going to have to wait some time. As USC isn't scheduled until January, that leaves Spicer holding out, possibly until signing day arrives.

That doesn't matter to Averell as he has one priority when it comes to that college above and beyond all, making sure it's the right choice in the end. "I didn't think I wanted it to take this long, but if it does, it does." he said. "I want it to be right more than I want it to be fast, so as long as it takes, that's how long it takes."

USC has been the favorite, continues to be the favorite and more than likely will stay that way until the time comes when he says he's attending someplace else. Spicer realizes this, but says that it won't make him budge no matter what he decides to do. "Everyone around here wants me to go to USC." he said. "It's important that I do what I want though. Maybe it will be USC, maybe it won't. I guess we'll see how it turns out."

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