Crosby family enjoys visit to Lincoln

One of the many visitors in attendence this past weekend for Western Illinois was Anthony Crosby. Anthony is still waiting to step on the field this fall himself, but had a chance to experience a gameday in Lincoln.

Anthony Crosby of Stockton (Calif.) St. Mary's high school was in town to see Nebraska handle Western Illinois. Although BigRedReport was unable to catch up with Anthony since returning home from the official his mother had nothing but great things to say about the experience at Nebraska.


From a conversation on Monday, September 6 with Anthony Crosby's monther:

BRR: You went out to Nebraska with Anthony right?

Yes I did.

BRR: What did you think?

Undescribeable. The people, the community, the academic component, the coaching staff, the students, all of the above.

BRR: The weather on Sunday too?

Well, I don't know about the rain.

BRR: So it really was the whole thing for you?

The whole experience.

BRR: Are you planning on making the other official visits with Anthony and does he have any others planned?

He has somewhat changed his mind after we came back from this trip. We were going to sleep on the plane and he came in and took a shower and left. I've been going through mail. We haven't had a chance to really sit down and talk about stuff.

From a conversation on Wednesday, September 8 with Anthony Crosby's monther:

BRR: What have been some of the things that you and Anthony have talked about Nebraska since your return?

Actually, it was a great visit. It was his first official visit. We've gone to every West Coast school on an unofficial. Nebraska outweighed all of our expectations from an academics standpoint, the facilities, the people, the coaching staff, the players. It was everything that we anticipated and more.

BRR: What were some things that were really key coming into the visit that you wanted to get a good feel for?

Being a mother you're number one focus is the academics. What impressed me the most was the average GPA for all of the football players is a 2.8 and to me they are doing something right. Whether that means the mentoring or the tutoring or the facilities the way it was designed, that to me was the most impressive.

BRR: What is the process that you are going to go through now following your return from Nebraska?

Basically just get ready for this first game with Jesuit on Friday. Focus on maintaining grades and preapre for the SAT. That is the focus and let him take in the moment. He's only 17.


Anthony is holding five offers total. He has offers from Nebraska, Boise State, Wyoming, San Diego State and Arizona State. Nebraska is recruiting Crosby as a safety while the other schools project him as a wide receiver. At the MSL camp this summer Crosby recorded a 4.6/40 and a 31" vertical jump.

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