Clearwater, Ivan...........Dan Gorski?

Having dealt with Hurricane "Frances", you'd think that even a Florida boy would have had his fill of water. Harrison Beck was never a big fan of the water anyway, but he's been getting his fill lately. Now, it's not getting any better as Frances may have left, but "Ivan" is bearing down on the Sunshine State. Can't a guy play some darn football down here????

Countryside vs. Clearwater - take two.

Or is it?

Having already been postpone once due to Hurricane Frances, the next attempt, this to come this evening has another torrent of water on it's heels.

Hurricane "Ivan" is bearing down on the state of Florida at a rated F-5 pace. The storm isn't expected to hit Florida until possibly Monday or Tuesday, but as Harrison said, it's big enough to worry a bit now. "I'm thinking we are going to board up the windows." he said. "I don't know. I'm thinking that it will destroy everything and I can enroll at Nebraska early."

That latter statement was said with a bit of a noticeable smirk in his voice as you might guess, but such is the way of one Harrison Beck.

He's serious, but he'll be just as jovial as he will concentrated, sometimes simultaneously.

There's nothing jovial about tonight's game, however, Beck obvious as to his intent as he is just as oblivious to the first game of the year that saw Countryside lose to Tamp Jesuit, 27-13.

So oblivious that with his typically coy manner, he'll tell you just what will happen when the Cougars face Clearwater this evening. "Oh, I'm sticking with my usual." Harrison said. "We'll beat their butts and everyone else we face."

That's confidence, but that's Harrison Beck. He'll admit to a team being good and perhaps having a chance, but he'll not concede a win until the other team actually does.

Another thing that Harrison won't concede is his position as Nebraska's sole QB commit. This only being an issue after learning of an Omaha World Herald story on Creighton Prep. QB, Dan Gorski. A story in which Gorski was quoted by Mitch Sherman as saying "They basically told me that if anything changed with their quarterback situation, like a transfer, that they would have another scholarship available," Gorski said. "And that I would probably get an offer."

That was news to Beck as he said that he had just talked to the coaches from Nebraska recently and this subject never came up. "We talked about the Western Illinois game and what they were doing on offense." Harrison said. "But, that never came up."

To be honest, Harrison isn't all that concerned about the situation, because as he stated, competition isn't nor has it ever been an issue with him. Plus, he even understands the situation that if Nebraska was indeed to lose a QB to a transfer or other situation, a school has to fill holes.


His thing is, he better be told before it happens. "I wouldn't be upset about it." he said. "I mean, we kind of made a deal, but I've never been afraid of competition. I just think that I have a right to know if they go after anyone else."

Beck went on to say that he's not worried about what might come of this situation should NU indeed lose one of their existing quarterbacks. He's got more immediate concerns. "I'm just ready to play football again." he said. "Oh, and my house might be underwater soon."

We'll obviously hope the best for the former and against the latter as we have come to know Beck hates two things more than just about anything else - losing and the open water of the ocean.

Well, Beck won't keep tabs on the QB situation, opting to let the NU coaches keep him informed if anything dramatic happens. We will though and should NU lose a QB due to any of the aforementioned reasons, we'll keep you up to date to see just what happens next.

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