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In any game where your team lost, it's hard to come up with any MVPs. You can't think about what everyone did right, because you are concentrating on what everyone else did wrong. Well, even with a loss there are those that did all they could and more and are more than deserving of our BRR MVP award.

RB - Cory Ross - Junior

Rushes Yds.


Lng Recept. Yds. Avg.




6.26 yds






This one is easy and quite frankly, ridiculously so. Setting personal records in most yards rushing in a game and most yards gained in a single rush, Cory Ross was as elusive as he was prolific. On a season-high 27 carries, Ross exhibited once again just what makes this NU I-back so special.

To be honest, Ross had his lanes to run in and had holes at many points of the game. It was when he didn't RossRunS.jpg - 81729 Byteshave a real lane to run in though, that you saw just what makes him as special as he is.

On a dime Ross can take a run that was meant to go inside and take it outside without losing a step. And while his overall speed isn't that great, Ross gets up to that speed very, very quickly.

Also well-noted about this young man are his very receiver-line hands. Able to catch the ball out of the backfield and quickly turn up-field and use that nimbleness for positive yards.

Probably the most impressive run for me though was one that went just 3 yards, a run that was at the very end of the game. 4th and 1, Ross takes the handoff to the right tackle side where he was met at the line of scrimmage. Ross spun off that tackle, almost hitting the ground, but he maintained his balance in the middle of that little spiral and moved up-field for what at the time was the most crucial run of the game.

It didn't pan out to prove ulimately fruitful of course, but it reinforced the idea that if you are thinking you can take this guy down one-on-one, you might want to think again.

Ross isn't a porkchop anymore, he's a 5'6" bus with moves.

CB - Cortney Grixby - Freshman

Forced into action early due to an untimely injury to cornerback, Lornell McPherson, Cortney Grixby was given his baptism by fire to speak.

Grixby was a cool deluge though as the sparkles of what this young man's future holds came out clear and shining against Southern Miss.

Playing for just over 2 quarters, Grixby had his chances to show his stuff as he was thrown on apprx. 6 times and ran up in run-support apprx. Twice.

CortrneyGrixby1.jpg - 57623 BytesIn coverage, Grixby was stifling on his man for the most part, only one pass that I noticed even having a remote chance of hitting his guy. That turned out to be an under-thrown ball, but what probably surprised me the most was that Dustin Almond didn't go at Grixby more often.

Maybe he knew something we didn't, because no passes were completed on Grixby and that smallish defender proved very tough in coming up against the run. In one instance, making an impressive thigh-busting open-field tackle ala Ralph Brown on Jammal Lewis during one of the two most recent match ups with the Tennessee Volunteers.

The talk of what this young man's potential is had permeated most of training-camp leading up to the regular season. What Grixby showed in replacing McPherson only cemented the idea that this young man is going to be good.

Better than good actually, but let's not put the cart before the horse, because he has yet to face the best wideouts that will be on Nebraska's schedule and he certainly still has much to prove.

What Grixby did in subbing for the injured cornerback though, it's more than worthy of this week's defensive MVP.

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