Will Leon Jackson still visit Nebraska?

For his first game Leon Jackson came out and averaged over 10 yards per carry. The game this past weekend against his former high school Leon Jackson came out and nearly tripled that average. There may not be a better running back in the nation than the running back from Pasco (Wash.).

Leon Jackson and Pasco High School are off to a great start. They are 2-0 and are looking like they are in mid-season form. Leon has especially looked bright in the first two games.

"The first two games I've looked pretty good," Jackson said. "In the first game I had 15 carries for 167 yards and three touchdowns. Last night I had six carries for 175 yards and three touchdowns."

Doing the math he was averaging 10 yards per carry into last night. Last night he played his former team and half of his touches ended up as touchdowns. He also averaged nearly 30 yards per touch.

"In the first game I had one long touchdown run. Last night I had three long runs. I had a 35 yarder, 68 yards and I believe the other was from 75."

Jackson is also playing defense where in the first game he had a fumble recovery and had six tackles. Last night he only had four tackles. Understandably few teams are challenging Jackson when it comes to containing him on offense and few are challenging him where he lines up on defense.

Jackson was expected to be in Lincoln, Nebr. for the weekend of September 24. However, some things have changed for Jackson and he will no longer be visiting that weekend.

"No, it's not September 24 anymore. I've rescheduled for October 2."

Jackson will be visiting Oregon State this weekend before he sees Nebraska. He is not claiming any favorites at this time. He wants to take some officials first before saying anything about his leaders. He is still holding eight offers.

Since the beginning of September Jackson has been hearing from schools from literally all over the nation. "Washington has called me, Coach Wagner has got a hold of me from Nebraska, I've heard from Oregon too. Florida has been sending me a lot of mail, but they haven't called."

Jackson is having a fantastic season so far and being the modest kid that he is he summed his performances us so far with saying, "So far, so good."

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