"He's big-time" - Commit no. 10 - Zack Bowman

Sometimes, it just feels right. You've got all these plans to visit all these schools and wouldn't you know it, one school simply blows you away. That's what happened with junior college athlete, Zach Bowman and now, he's a future Husker.

The "Sea of Red", the "Tunnelwalk" and the Academic All-Americans.

Yeah, that's impressive.

The facilities, the national championship trophies and number of players in the NFL.

Yep, that's pretty nice to.

So many reasons standout athlete Zack Bowm could have used in deciding to attend Nebraska, imagine that one that he ultimately decided was the reason he chose NU.

"It was because they lost." Bowman said of Nebraska's game with Southern Miss that ended up in a heartbreaking 21-17 loss. "Well, it wasn't because they lost, but how they handled it as coaches and players."

"They didn't scream, get mad or anything like that. They just said ‘hey, we lost, let's put it behind us and move on to the next game'."

That's how Bowman is himself, which is why he saw that particular demeanor as something he considered ideal. Not overly emotional, fairly modest and worrying more about what was to come rather than stuff he couldn't change.

This New Mexico Military Institute All-American candidate now has another future, one immediately after he's done playing with the "Broncos".

What position though, that's actually a good question, Bowman actually pulling double-duty for NMMI, playing both wideout and corner. Bowman actually thinks he's not going to have to give up either when he finally gets to NU. "They are recruiting me for both sides." Zach said. "It really doesn't matter to me either way."

What matters to most Husker fans as they wonder at just what this junior college transfer can do are those wonderful numbers they care about so much. Well, try these on for size:

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 200

Vertical: 38 inches

Bench: 285

40 time: 4.18 (his coach said he's very rarely ever clocked him much over a 4.2)

Impressive enough that he's considered one of the top junior college prospects around. It pales though compared to what his head coach (John O'Mera) thinks Bowman's strength really is. "It's as a person." coach O'Mera said. "He's modest, doesn't get all caught up in what he can do and he's just the ultimate team player."

Some would simply stop at "Ultimate" based on just one small state that Bowman carries over from last year. "Well, he caught 6 balls last year and scored 5 touchdowns." O'Mera said.

To ask Zack what he does best, he's modest to be sure, but says there's one thing that he believes he has in abundance. "I've got a nose for the ball." he said. "Offense or defense, I think that I have a good shot at getting to it."

That's something that he'll get a chance to do as the "real" season starts for NMMI this weekend as they face off against Scottsdale junior college. It's a season that Bowman doesn't look at as his last there, but just another one of many with one main purpose. "Any game is another game to get better." he said. "I haven't played corner a lot, so there is a lot to learn and you can learn something every time you step on the field."

The field Husker fans care about is Tom Osborne Field inside of Memorial Stadium. Bowman said that he's eager for that himself. "It will be great being up there." he said. "They have a great crowd with all that red and it's really exciting to be there."

As to what his coach hopes to see or even expects from Bowman once he steps onto that field, his projections are high. "He's big-time." O'Mera said. "If there's one weakness he has, it's only because he hasn't played that much, but physically I don't know if there's much he can't do."

"I know he's been and will be a great player for us and he'll be a great player for Nebraska."

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