Official visits getting close for Smith

Think defense. Ok, now think secondary. And finally, think high school recruit. If someone were to ask you who you think of instantly, your answer could depend on what region of the country you are from. Around these parts though, when you put all those together, one name usually comes first. Reggie Smith. One thing that doesn't come to mind is where he's taking officials. Well, that seems like that's about to change.

Two games into his season, Reggie Smith would probably like to have one of those back. A loss is never easy to take, especially one that you almost had. "We just couldn't get it in." Smith said of scoring against Edmond North ultimately losing the game 12-17. "We were down there, but just couldn't finish it off."

That's dramatically different from their first game of the season, another against an Edmond school, this one against Edmond Memorial, Santa Fe routing them 61-19.

Over the course of those two games, the main target for any team playing Santa Fe this year has done what he can when he's not swarmed by groups of players trying to stop him. That's yielded in the two games 4 touchdowns for Smith, 2 rushing, 1 receiving and 1 on a 37 yard punt return.

Whatever his team does, believe it or not, that's not going to matter in the end. Well, at least not to recruiters as it's not Santa Fe that interests them, but Santa Fe's most heralded player.

With an average of 8-10 phone calls a week, Reggie Smith doesn't need to be told that, he's living that everyday. The one uncertainty through this has been, however, is trying to narrow some of his choices down.

That's actually coming soon, even tonight according to Smith as his official visits are finally going to take form. "We are supposed to talk about that more tonight." Smith said. "I won't take official visits to the in-state schools, because I can just go there unofficially. So, it's the out of state schools we are going to talk about."

Those schools are teams like Tennessee, Nebraska, USC and so on, but Smith said even just hours before he's possibly closer to figuring them out, he hasn't figured them out. "I don't know." he said. "I'm trying to figure out what I want more, where I want to go more and what school fits me best. I can't even say that anyone is like guaranteed to get a visit."

There was an update done recently with Smith that had Smith stating that Nebraska was a slight leader over the rest of the teams at that point. Smith said that, that particular update was more a matter of placating than stating the facts. "I didn't really have a leader, but that's what he wanted." Smith said.

Nebraska still is a major team though for Smith as he said that his interest in Nebraska hasn't waned a bit since the recruiting started from the Huskers. Actually, it might have increased. "I'd say it has." he said. "They are always showing a lot of interest, calling, the mail and I like how they use their secondary."

That still doesn't put the Huskers at the top though, Smith adamant that until this process is actually over, he's viewing everyone the same. "I don't look at anyone any different than the other right now." Reggie said. "I don't know enough about any of them to say someone is better than another. I know how coaches have treated me, I've seen some of the places, but after my visits I'll know a lot more."

"That's when I'll be closer to a decision."

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