Decent day at the office for Lucky

Is life easy at the top? Well, it's depends on who you ask and what they are actually on top of. For Marlon Lucky, he plays to win so staying on top is a pleasure. His performance this past week won't see him falling from the elite running back status any time soon.

At the top of a lot of college running back wish lists you will find the name: Lucky. That's in Marlon Lucky. The 5-foot-11 and 210 pound Lucky from North Hollywood High School is trying to top his stats from last year.

Last year saw Lucky gain 1778 yards on 221 carries and scoring 31 touch downs rushing. He also dabbled in catching the ball hauling in 228 yds receiving and scoring two touch downs.

"We've played one game so far. I did alright," Lucky said. "We won the game. I had 21 carries for 183 yards and four touch downs. I may have had one reception, a hitch, for like five yards."

Lucky is widely regarded as one of, if not the, best receiving running backs in the nation. In his film you'll see him catch it from a variety of different positions including out of the backfield and also lining up as a wide receiver.

Put the skills to average between eight and nine yards per carry and the ability to catch and run with the ball in one person and you might think of Marlon Lucky. Schools have been taking a notice too.

Currently Lucky is somewhere in the neighborhood of 16-18 offers. The options are there for Lucky to basically name what college he wishes to attend. Some of the nation's best schools have been calling Lucky since they could start calling on September 1.

"I've got calls from LSU, Washington, USC, Nebraska, Mississippi State, Florida, Utah, Oregon, Oregon State and some other schools. Quite a few have called."

Despite all of the offers and all of the calls, Lucky has only one official visit set up. An official that he has had to reschedule once already so that family members could accompany him on the trip. The destination? Nebraska.

"I have one set up, to Nebraska. I had family members that wanted to go that couldn't go that day (September 4). I'm now coming to Nebraska on October 16. My uncle and guardian are coming with me to Nebraska."

Lucky stressed the importance for his uncle and guardian to see Nebraska with him. While he is at Nebraska some of the specific things that he will be looking at are the coaching staff, the players, and the fans. He's undecided about choosing a major at this point.

Lucky mentioned that Coach John Blake has been recruiting him from Nebraska. "He's cool. He's nice to talk to. He relates well to players. The way he talks to people. I think that's why people like him, because the way he talks to you."

Lucky has already made one team lucky. Marlon is actually a Texas native and would have been at Oak Cliff had his family not moved to California. The next team that he plays for will be extremely lucky.

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