Newly crowned 5-star DT sets official visits

The new ratings are out and one of the biggest movers on the list has most of his official visits set up. The mammoth DT from the east coast is getting a lot of attention and only two open visits are left!

The name just sounds like a football player: Ndamukong Suh. The 6-foot-5 and 280 pound stud from Portland (Ore.) Grant can cover the 40 in about 4.9 seconds and that is a football player.

"We've only played one full game so far," Suh said. "We did well as a team. We just came up short and lost by a point, 7-6. We went for two and ended up not getting it in early in the game. We got close again, but on fourth down we didn't convert."

Suh was more upbeat about his personal performance. "I played pretty well that game actually. I play both offense and defense. I play offensive guard and depending on who we are playing I either play on defensive end or tackle."

Suh is definitely being recruited to play defensive tackle for Nebraska. So much so that Nebraska has Coach John Blake on him for recruiting.

"He's a very religious and out-going person. I love to talk to him. He's a great man. Heard plenty of good things about him. When he was at Mississippi State he coached my sister's boyfriend. I've heard a lot of good things about him."

"I'm getting ready to head up to Nebraska in about three weeks to watch them against Kansas (10/2). I'm definitely just looking for the atmosphere and how the coaches interact with the players. Hopefully I can meet a professor or two on Saturday to see how the academic part of it is."

Suh is a little undecided when it comes to knowing his major. He has the choices narrowed down though to engineering or business management.

Suh is in the process of scheduling his other official visits and has two other officials set up. "I have on the following week (10/8) to go to Mississippi State and then two weeks after that (10/22) I am going to head down the street to Oregon State."

Suh is currently up to 13 offers. He has been getting calls from Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Nebraska, Duke, Notre Dame, UCLA, Cal, and Arizona State. "I get calls from Miami on every Sunday."

In previous updates Suh had mentioned Miami as a potential official visit candidate. "Definitely, been talking to the coaches that are recruiting me. I was thinking about setting something up to there during Bowl Week, but now we're not too sure."

Suh is claiming no leaders at this time and says that it is wide open. "Kind of everyone is on an even plane."

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