5-Star - Jerrell Powe talks about official visits

Windows boarded, house prepared, families down in the sleepy down of Waynesboro, Mississippi prepare for Hurricane Ivan. It's all anyone can think about down there as you might expect, but there's at least one person down that is doing his best to think about other things right now. Recruiting. Yes, recruiting and for Jerrell Powe, he's thinking of it now more than ever.

It almost sounds like a riddle when you think about it. What can you not see out of that has windows all around? Well, in this case, it would be just about any house in Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Such is the case with Jerrell Powe and his home as they are ready for the worst. "It's supposed to start around one in the morning." Jerrell said of when "Ivan" is supposed to arrive in his town. "It's supposed to go pretty much all day tomorrow and I guess it's supposed to be pretty heavy rain."

Even with his house looking as if it's preparing for a calamity, Powe is thinking about it, but contemplating many other things even more.

The first being his season, one that has saw his team win all three of their games of the season. In all three games, his team has allowed to each just 6 points. Powe said laughingly that they weren't spotting these teams the same amount of points, because his coach doesn't want to give up any points at all. "If the other team scores, we're running." Powe said. "So, you can bet if they got six, it wasn't because we wanted them to."

That hasn't worried Powe too much as his team has scored in double-digits for all three of those games and individually, he hasn't done too bad as well. "I've got like 19 solo tackles, I think all of them for losses and I got 2 sacks to." he said.

Powe has something else and that's a busy phone. Around a dozen times a week his phone is ringing from coaches and probably double that and you have the number of people like myself that are calling and asking about those phone calls. Jerrell doesn't mind though. "It's all good." he said. "It's better than not getting called at all, so I just take it as it comes."

That lackadaisical attitude doesn't apply to many things, his game more than anything, but it's been applying more lately to his recruiting. Official visits to be exact. "I am trying to get with my coach and figure all that out." Powe said. "I know of three I am taking, but still trying to work out the other two."

The three are Auburn, Nebraska and LSU and the fourth could be Miami, according to Powe. As for the fifth, Jerrell said that was currently wide-open.

As for when those coveted official visits are to take place, Powe is fairly open there. "It's hard to say right now." he said. "Probably later, but I guess after me and coach figure that out, I'll know where I am going and when."

Right now though, that's the least of his concerns and believe it or not, it's not about the up-coming game or more importantly, if the game will even be played. "The game is like two hours from here." he said. "It's probably not even going to hit them."

And here's hoping that it doesn't hit Waynesboro as well.

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