Another visitor will be in Lincoln on 10/2

The word is getting out that the Nebraska offense will feature the big three -- quarterback, running back and wide receiver. On the weekend on October 2 they are planning on hosting another big crowd of official visitors.

At 6-foot-0 and 200 pounds, Montario Hardesty is ready to come in and contribute immediately at any college he chooses. The running back from New Bern (NC) also has the speed thing going for him. He has run a 10.36/100 meter.

His team is 4-0 and ranked second in the state in 4A (North Carolina's largest class). His stats are great to this point this season, but could be better. It's not that he hasn't been giving it his all on the field. It's that he is usually getting pulled because his team is so far ahead.

"It's been pretty good so far. I've got like 580 yards rushing through four games," Hardesty said. "I got 170 receiving yards. I have seven touchdowns (all rushing). I only play like half the game."

New Bern is may be one of the only teams in the nation to be able to say that they have held all of their opponents scoreless so far this season. What's more impressive is that some schools who might be able to say that have maybe played two or three games. Montario and his team have played four.

Montario used to be able to claim some of the defensive glory and he might again this season in the playoffs or in the championship. As for right now though he is only playing offense.

"Last year I had three interceptions. I only played in the playoffs or in the championship game, so like six or seven games. They only have be play defense if it's a passing team or there is a wide receiver to shut down."

He has alternated playing safety and cornerback before in the past. He may have his number called again this season to play defense, but for right now he is enjoying the success on offense. He also went on to say that he prefers offense over defense.

Montario is up to around 20 offers so far. He has set up one official already although he had not planned on taking an official visits until after the season ended. He will be visiting Nebraska on October 2.

"The Kansas Game. That's the only one I have scheduled right now. I don't know where I will take the other four yet.

Recruiting Hardesty from Nebraska is first year running back coach, and former NFL running back, Randy Jordan. They have had plenty to talk about since coaches could start calling recruits. Jordan was raised in North Carolina and went to UNC for school. Now he has come full-circle and is trying to lure Hardesty to Nebraska.

"He's called me since September. We just talk about football really. He's from North Carolina so he asks about a lot of things. We just talk about football. He tells me about the West Coast Offense and how he sees me running it. He asks me how my season is going and how does he think I'm doing."

The West Coast offense has Hardesty looking seriously at Nebraska. The opportunity to catch the ball and run it equally suits Hardesty and his talents well. The offense they run in high school he compared to Clemson where they would be spread on one play and then I formation on another play.

As of right now Hardesty has some ideas what schools he is looking at when it comes to the other official visits. "A couple of teams like Virginia Tech and Tennessee. Maybe Ohio State, but I'm not even sure."

The leaders are a little different for Hardesty right now than the schools that he is thinking about visiting. "I would say like Nebraska, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Clemson and North Carolina."

The one glaring difference from those schools is the difference in distance from Nebraska to his home to compared to about every other school. He maintains that distance will not be an issue though.

Hardesty never planned on taking officials during the season, however Coach Jordan and Nebraska convinced him otherwise to see Lincoln on a gameday weekend. "I guess that they wanted me to see how it is on gameday. So, I want to see how that is and see the school. I want to talk to a few of the coaches and I've never been out there before, that far."

Adding Hardesty to the list of 10/2 visitors makes Nebraska's conference opening weekend all the more important. Hardesty is planning on possibly majoring in business in college.

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