Week 3 Big Red Report MVPs

Week 3 is down, but Nebraska is back up, edging the Pittsburgh Panthers. After last week, this was a time where corrections needed to be made and some people had to step up for those not able to travel with the team. Who did and who made the biggest difference in Nebraska being able to come out with a win? Well, check out two players that we feel fit that criteria and because of that, they are our BRR MVPs.

QB - Joe Dailey - Sophomore

Att. Comp. Int. Pct. Yds. TD Long Effic.









You didn't have to point fingers after the loss to Southern Mississippi. There was one person doing all the pointing himself. Typical to his selfless style, Joe Dailey pointed right back at himself and said "this game's on me".

After the 3 interception - 1 fumble fiasco, Dailey's performance at Pittsburgh would be seen as either a chance at redemption or another opportunity not to succeed.

Thankful for the Huskers, it was the former and not even the late-game interception that let Pittsburgh back into the game can mar what was a drastic improvement in judgement and overall play for the Sophomore Bill & JoeS.jpg - 40466 BytesQB even if that QB himself wouldn't admit to it. "To be honest, I decided that I wasn't going to grade myself." Joe said. "I was going to let the coaches talk about my performance."

As to those coaches or in this case, THE coach, Callahan saw that improvement as well. "I thought he really bounced back well." he said. "With the exception of the one pick that he had late, I thought he really bounced back."

"He played confidently and he managed the offense very well."

One deceptive statistic for Dailey on the game was that of total completions. There were no less than 5 solid drops by at least three different receivers.

It totals a nice rebound for THE one person that needed it more than anyone. Not because it would help his confidence as I think Joe has plenty of that, but rhythm applies to a season just as it applies to a game and I think Joe got back into his. 

RE - Wali Muhammad - Junior

Tackles Solo Pass Defl. TFL

Frcd. Fum.








Being a situational guy, it's like someone telling you to hurry up and wait. You get in, go full force and just when you are starting to enjoy being out there............you're out of there.

That's what Wali Muhammad has endured this season until an injury to starting rush end, Adam Carriker demanded that his time on the field increase.

You had to only watch him play that game once to realize that Muhammad was going to take full advantage, the interception being a glaring example of just that. "The ball just came out." Wali said. "I looked over and seen the wideout. They made an audible to it and I just had a feeling I was going to get a pick and I just got it."

WaliMuhammadS.jpg - 59539 BytesHe got it, yes, but if Wali was unhappy about one particular thing was not doing something with it after he tucked it away. "I tried to score, but I let a little wide receiver bring me down." he said.

Defensive Coordinator said of Wali's performance, that it was just what the team needed at the time. "He played great." Cosgrove said. "He's got a high motor, he's just flying around everywhere and he made some big plays for us in the game."

Cosgrove admitted something else about Muhammad and that was sometimes you just want to play a spectator's role when he's out there on the field. "He's fun to watch." he said. "He's always got that energy going and he's just one of those guys that loves to play the game."

"He'd play every snap if you'd let him."

That's sure to be Wali's plea before the Kansas game approaches, but the coaches are probably hoping that Adam Carriker will be healthy by that time.

With that being said, Wali took the time he had and made the most of it, earning our decisive vote as the defensive MVP.

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