Blanks proving the knee is better, expects offers

The obvious damage from an injury is the pain, possible surgery, time out, and rehab as it relates to the injury. The stuff that people don't think about is the mental game of trusting that body part again in similar situations. Some get it faster than others. Fortunately, Joe Blanks is one of those people.

Joe Blanks, 6-foot-3 and 315, was recovering from a fairly serious knee injury that required surgery around Thanksgiving last year. Through this summer he was getting around better and now that the season is here Joe claims to be back to 100%.

"Everything is going well," Blanks said. "I mean, we lost our first game which we should have won and now we are 2-1. The last game we played I did real good. The first games I started out a little rough."

Through three games Blanks guessed that he had around 20 tackles, two sacks and two fumble recoveries. On offense he is playing the tackle position and has lost count and just said, "A whole bunch of pancakes."

The knee according to Joe is there and healthy. "Everything is alright now. I've got the brace and everything. I'm good."

Blanks is officially up to two offers, Nebraska and Akron. Around the corner though for Blanks could be a bunch of offers on the way. "As far as talking about offering I'll probably get one from Michigan State, West Virginia, Pitt, and Iowa."

The early offers may not be there for Joe for a couple of different reasons. The first was the injury. The second could be concerns about his academic eligibility.

"Basically I missed a couple of games last season and that really messed me up. I sat out. When we got to play at State College that is when I got a lot of my exposure because I had a break-out game."

The scheduling of official visits also seems to be just around the turn for Blanks who has been thinking about them. "No, not yet. Sometime definitely in the fall I'll visit Nebraska. As far as Akron, I'm not sure yet. But, I'll probably visit both."

Offensive Coordinator Jay Norvell from Nebraska has been recruiting Blanks from Erie (Penn) Cathedral Prep. Unfortunately, Blanks has been unable to talk to Norvell since the coaches could start calling in September.

"Yes, he's called but I actually didn't get to talk to him because I wasn't here. I was actually going to try and call him today. Once I am home I might just call him tomorrow.

Joe has his list sort of trimmed down as of right now when it comes to naming his leaders. "Nebraska, West Virginia, Iowa, Michigan State and Pitt." There is no distance issue for Joe when it comes to picking out a school.

"A good all around school. Good academics and as good athletics. Looking at the coaching and how I get along with the coaching staff and stuf like that."

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