Nolen could be just what the doctor ordered

The transformation from an option based attack into the West Coast Offense has not come without growing pains in Lincoln. An early loss in the season may be what people see up-front, but Nebraska is averaging over 32 points per game and 440 yards per game without really changing personnel for the offense.

Todd Nolen could be just what the doctor, or the Nebraska coaching staff, ordered in Lincoln. He has the big play ability and to be more to the point, the ability to run with the ball after the catch. The 6-foot-2 and 175 pound receiver from Hampton (Va.) has enjoyed success early this year.

"It's been going pretty good so far," Nolen said. "We're 2-0. I had four catches for 65 yards and a touchdown in the first game. I don't know what I had in the second game."

He hasn't just been playing offense. He plays defense as well. It's obvious is talking to him which he likes the most because of what he talks about first and the most. "I play defense too, safety. I do like offense better."

To date there have been five schools that have stepped up and offered Nolen so far. "I have offers from Virginia, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Syracuse and North Carolina. North Carolina was the last school to offer about a month ago maybe."

Nolen hasn't taken any official visits yet this season, but he has two set up tentatively in December. "Yeah, I've set up two so far to Nebraska and Virginia. They haven't been set exactly, but they are going to be in December and Virginia is probably going to be around the 10th or 12th and Nebraska is probably going to be around the 17th or 19th."

He is hearing regularly from the schools that have offered him. He has spoke to Nebraska about how he could fit in their new offense in Lincoln. "I talk to Nebraska, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina. I talk to Coach Elmassian from Nebraska. He tells me that they need a playmaker like me and I'm really considering them."

It's not a secret that wide receivers like to have the ball in their hands and to be thrown to. The offense that Nolen runs right now in high school may not showcase his skills the best, but the West Coast offense might. "We run a I formation, run-before the pass, offense. I believe that I am a good fit for the West Coast offense."

Nolen has really only been hearing regularly from the schools that have offered. He doesn't receive a lot of phone calls outside the schools that have offered and doesn't believe that any schools are real close to offering. "I haven't really been talking to any other schools other than the schools that have offered. So really none are close to offering."

Nolen is eyeing a run at the playoffs this year and at the state title. Last year they finished 10-1 and won district.

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