Fact or Fiction - You be the judge

What are some of the hot topics? What are people talking about at the coffee shops little towns across Nebraska? The Huskers of course and what better forum to talk about them than our own wonderful message boards. It's your chance to chime in as we bring you our own version of the now popular "fact or fiction". But, ours is better, because it's fact or fiction......Husker style. Check out this round and tell us what you think. Is it fact or is it fiction and why?

Fact or Fiction: Joe Dailey will be THE man all the way to the end of the year

My View: FACT - Let's forget the fact that there are two true freshmen behind Dailey and the fact that Jordan Adams is probably going to be rehabbing and trying to get in shape for most of it. The fact is, Joe's the best option for Nebraska. The mistakes he's made aren't surprising. They are those of not just a kid that's fresh into the system, but in his first year starting. The kid will only get better as the year goes along.

Fact or Fiction: Matt Herian is the biggest playmaker of either the wideouts or tight ends

My View: FICTION - Herian might be physically gifted, but we've seen him pull the alligator arms out or in this case, in, on more than a few passes over his career. I remember Bill Doleman saying something of Herian I totally agree with and that's the belief that Herian isn't nasty enough to be that truly great tight end. He waits for the ball to get to him instead of consistently fighting for the ball. Herian has the tools, but he's missing the tenacity.

Fact or Fiction: The fullbacks are less of a factor now than they were last year

My View: FICTION - No, the fullbacks aren't getting the carries, but they already have almost as many receptions this year as all the fullbacks combined had a year ago. Plus, some of these guys are actually blocking, something that brought more angst to the average Husker fan than any type of glee. The fullbacks still aren't what they used to be during the era of the Schlesingers and Makovickas, but they won't be until NU gets more Schlesinger and Makovicka types back into the fold.

So, what's your thoughts on these questions? Are they fact or are they fiction? And, why? Click HERE and let us know.

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