Thursday Practice Report

Nebraska took to the inside of Memorial Stadium for what will be the last official practice of the week. With bodies still needing to heal, the off-time comes at an ideal time for NU. It's a time that the players in the midst of a grueling season are to think about anything but.

As the Nebraska players left the field after today's practice, it would be the last time until Sunday when practice resumed. It's a time that offensive coordinator and quarterback's coach, Jay Norvell stated that he wanted the players to think about something other than what lies ahead. "We just want them to relax and get away from football for a couple days." he said. "We wanted to rest up, get recharged and watch some other teams play and get ready to go again Sunday."

While Norvell said that all players participated in some aspect of practice today, there were a variety of players that weren't suited up for today. Players including Danny Muy, Brandon Teamer, Kellen Huston and some others, reason being simply for a little continuing healing of some of those typical bumps and bruises.

The players aren't the only ones that will be watching games this weekend, the Kansas vs. Texas Tech game more specifically for the coaches. Having to face both teams down the road, the Jayhawks coming up next weekend, this game is of particular interest to them. "I'm not sure if it's on tv or not, but that's something we will be watching very closely." Norvell said. "That will be a real important game for us to watch."

Speaking of watching, the Jordan Adams' watch continues as Adams continues to recuperate from surgery where Adams had his spleen removed. The progress for him has been expectedly slow, but Norvell said that the overriding issue for him now is not recuperating, rather regenerating some of that muscle he's lost during all the time away. "He's got to get his strength back." he said. "As soon as he gets his strength back and his feet underneath him, he can start throwing the ball more crisply."

"So, he's just got to get his physical strength back before he can really participate at a high level."

While the players will technically have the next two days off from practice, Norvell said that there will be some conditioning for the players tomorrow. And, the coaches are hoping the players do get away, because after this two-day stretch, it's back to a serious grind for the rest of the year. "We are going to go hard for the next eight weeks." Norvell said of when the players return to practice. "The next eight games are really critical, so they get a little break, they have been going at it hard since training-camp and it's good to get a little time off."

Nebraska resumes Sunday and will continue consistently until game-time, which is scheduled to kick off at 6:10 p.m. central time Saturday.

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