Harrison Beck - Rolling in the rain

If you are a football player in Florida, right now it probably seems as if your games are determined by the weather Gods themselves. Games all over the state have been scheduled and redscheduled over and over due to the myriad Hurricanes to hit the area over the last couple of months. That's what Harrison Beck and his team have been doing as well. When they do get a chance to get them in, however, Countryside continues to just roll along and over whoever they face.

When Hurricanes aren't hitting, Harrison Beck's Countryside team likes to fit games in from time to time. That's saying something, because as we speak, Florida is enduring their fourth Hurricane in less than two months.

Whether it's "Charlie", "Frances", "Ivan" or now "Jean", the Sunshine state is seeing anything sunshine right now.

While that has delayed Countryside high school from playing all of its games when they were orginally scheduled, when Beck's team was able to find the field, they did it, leaving each time with a victory.

The wins are usually good enough, but for Countryside, 2 out of those 3 victories are sweet indeed, those coming over the only two teams (Dixie Hollins & Northeast that beat them last year.

Harrison said, however, that this is just the beginning. "We are rolling right now." he said. "We have such good balance on offense right now. We are averaging about 180 yards a game in the air and about 180 yards a game on the ground."

"And the best thing is, our conditioning is just better than everyone else's. Once the third quarter or fourth quarter comes around, you can see the other teams just starting to give up and that's when we are just getting going."

On the season, Beck hasn't thrown the ball much, tossing it just 30 times on the year. His efficiency, however, that makes up for the quantity, the quality more than sufficient. 5 touchdowns, 500+ yards and his completion percentage, a whopping 73+.

Harrison said of his offense that it's not as prolific as it was last year due to personnel, but the best part it, it doesn't have to be. "We don't have all the receivers we had last year to where I could just throw for a bunch of touchdowns." he said. "But, our running-game is great and our defense is just killing everyone."

"I think that they have given up like only one touchdown in the second half all year so far and they have forced nine turnovers. That's pretty nice for us."

Pretty nice indeed and Harrison said that the team confidence is only climbing right now. "I don't think anyone can beat us right now." Harrison said. "The only team that can beat us really is ourselves. If we don't turn the ball over in the red zone and just make dumb mistakes, we are taking it all this year."

The Cougars will face Lakewood high next and if another Hurricane doesn't hit by that time, they will face Boca Ciega not even a week later, that game a make-up contest due to Hurricanes earlier in the year.

At this moment though, Harrison said that he wants just one thing right now. "I want my power back on." he said. "If it doesn't come back on pretty soon, I am going to go find where the power is on, grab some electrical wire and wrap it around my neck."

Typical Harrison, eh?

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