Run Dillard, Run!

Believe it or not, there's a downside to being one of the better players at your position last year. It means that everyone you face this year is either gunning for you or staying away, whatever the case may be. That's what Phillip Dillard is having to deal with as his stats are coming even harder than they did before, because schools now know full well who he is.

Though it's hardly a shock, Jenks high school is still undefeated, coming off a pasting of their normally tough opponent, Broken Arrow, Jenks pounding the unfortunate team 38-0. On the game, linebacker, Phillip Dillard had 9 total tackles.

Dillard said that while his season feels like it's going well, he's continually frustrated by one thing. "They aren't coming my way." Dillard said. "Everything is going away from me and our defensive end gets most of the action or they just go out of bounds."

"I end up running across the field almost every play."

Dillard is hardly ever used in any blitz packages, so his 1 sack on the season was probably a lot more than he thought he might get. "I just usually play inside, go side to side and that's about it." Phillip said. "If they come my way, that's different, but they just aren't right now."

Don't expect that trend to change.

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