Ada, trench warfare at its finest

And the hits just keep on coming. Or, in this case, they keep on getting dished out, Ada and their formidable lines putting it to yet another unfortunate opponent. This was Tecumseh and considering the stats they had at the end of the game, they might have done just as well if they hadn't shown up at all.

Averaging over 15 knockdowns a game, Craig Roark could be called the King of pancakes at the high school equivalent of I.H.O.P for football players. Swatting, smacking and rolling his way down the field, him and his Ada teammates have been almost totally dominant this year.

The one hiccup came against Carl Albert high, a team that was ranked number one, but not in their class, rather the class above them.

That's how it is for Ada though, because when they face someone in their own class, what happened to Tecumseh high school is a fairly consistent outcome. "They got three first downs the entire game." Craig said. "And eighty-eight yards in total offense."

The final score was lopsided as you might imagine, Ada steam-rolling their way to a 21-0 victory.

Craig though, he thought 21 points was being kind, because believe it or not, he didn't think the offense was hitting on all cylinders just yet. "We just didn't click." Craig said. "We only got like 260 yards on the ground."

I'm sure most teams would be depressed at that. Ok, maybe not, but when your team usually runs over opponents like Hurricanes hit Florida, you start expecting the very best.

That's what Craig expects as usual, but they'll need it come this next game on the schedule. Cushing high school, a team that actually plays in their conference, Ada playing all but one other game this year against teams that play in classes bigger than theirs.

Cushing will go into this game undefeated and the outcome of this game will more than likely determine the district champion. You won't find the Roark's concerned, because they know what their team is capable if they do indeed "click" like Craig likes. "If we play like we have or like we can, we're a pretty hard team to beat." He said.

There are the rare occassions that Craig isn't thinking about his high school team's season. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, that usually means he's thinking about the Big Red.

Point of fact, Craig is thinking that he might be coming down for another visit to Nebraska, this time for the Kansas game that will be played this up-coming weekend. If he does though, he's probably bringing a friend. "Our fullback might come with me." Craig said. "His name is Dusty Newport and he's like six foot and a half, two hundred and thirty pounds and he's just a great player."

"He had like ninety-seven yards rushing this last game, so he's having just a great year."

Roark said that Newport could look at walking-on at the University of Nebraska next year.

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