Will Nyan Boateng still visit Nebraska?

Leadership is a quality that can be felt on the field and off of it. For Nyan Boateng he may only be able to help his teammates from the sideline this entire season. Sure, he'd rather be on the field, but although he physically can't practice or play doesn't mean that you won't find him there with his team.

Talk about discouraging, an injury to wipe up anyone's senior year campaign is a sad story. Now consider being one of the most sought after recruits in the nation at your position and there will being Nyan Boateng's story.

So how many offers does it take to consider yourself "most sought after recruits in the nation"? 20? How about 30? Well, Nyan is at 50 total offers and although there isn't a set amount for that title he's there by default anyway.

What has been discouraging for Nyan is that he hasn't been able to play a single down this season. "The season is going well. Actually I haven't played a down yet," Boateng said. "Yeah, I broke my ankle."

The injury was serious enough for Nyan to undergo surgery to repair his ankle and may cost him the entire season. "I broke my ankle and I dislocated my tibia. They put in a plate and a couple of screws in. I had it done in Boston. I'll be able to rehab on October 15."

That isn't the only date that Boateng has recently had engraved in his mind. For those that have suffered serious injuries the date of the injury always stays with you. "August 25th. It was our first day of camp. August 25th at 8:45 AM. I remember that day. I wish I could play. I worked so hard this summer."

Boateng is still hopeful that he will be able to at least participate a little this season. "Probably in the playoffs. My team is going to go far, so I'll be able to play in the playoffs. If I'm not ready I won't do anything, I'll just play basketball and the U.S. Army All-American game."

What separates Boateng from others has been his support for his teammates through his injury. "I'm there for my team. I go to all of the practices and I go to all of the games. I'm still a leader for my team. I've got to be there even though I'm not playing. I'm still coaching on the sidelines."

Football has only stopped on the field for Boateng. Off of the field he is still dealing with recruiting. "I've got 50 offers, that's it. I've set an official with Pittsburgh and Nebraska so far. I'm probably going to visit West Virginia too."

"I haven't set up the date to Pittsburgh yet because of my conditioning and rehab. But, I know that I am going to visit there. Maybe late November? Either early or late November."

As for Nebraska's visit, through the pain and his team having to face a tough opponent he said, "Yeah, I am going to try and go this weekend. Yeah, this Friday coming up."

Boateng's offers from big-time offers don't end on the gridiron. He is also a standout basketball player and is receiving major attention to play division I basketball.

"I averaged 18 a game, five assists and about six rebounds. I went to the Adidas basketball superstar camp in Georgia and I led that camp in scoring. I've got offers from North Carolina, Kentucky, LSU, and Virginia Tech."

So far out of all of the schools that he has been in contact with there is only one school that will not allow him to play both sports. "Yeah, I want to play both in college. Only Michigan said that I can't play basketball, but that's it. In fact everyone else gave me that opportunity."

Boateng feels that Nebraska provides him a great opportunity to play both sports in college. "Yeah, as a matter of fact one of their basketball coaches came down here to see me. He said that I can do whatever I want."

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