Waiting to commit

The definition of the word prolific is this: Producing abundant works or results. For this receiver, he either illustrates that or epitomizes that, I'll leave it to you to decide. The good thing is though, at least for Nebraska that he's got his eyes on the Huskers and says that NU could be the place for him.

I am not sure how you would describe the efficiency of 6 catches and over 220 yards. That's in a game, by the way.

How do you describe that? Probably with a lot of exclamations of disbelief and awe.

Well, Broderick Hunter's season total thus far through 4 games is fairly similar in scope, Broderick stating that he's caught approximately 15 balls on the year, totaling over 440 yards.

That's not prolific, that's insane. For Hunter though, it's just business as usual. "I'm just doing my thing." Broderick said. "It's nothing that I haven't done, but I guess I am getting yards in bunches right now."

Bunches is right and as Hunter, a young man who's been offered by schools like Wisconsin and Oklahoma, he's looking at where he can get that same amount in college.

Right now, there's one school that's particularly on his mind. "Nebraska is it." He said. "The guy getting all the balls for them right now is the tight end, so I look at them and I know there's a lot of opportunities for the ball."

Broderick is probably not far from the truth as in the first two games, tight end, Matt Herian was almost halfway to the single-season mark of most receptions by a tight end (31), Herian catching 15 in the first couple weeks of the year.

When Broderick sees someone else that prolific playing that position, his eyes start to widen a lot more. "There's all kinds of opportunities there for me." He said. "What I can do after the catch, juking my guy or just running him over, at a place like that, that is still building this offense, I look at it like there's a job for someone to take."

Hunter will be officially visiting Nebraska this weekend and if everything works out right, those opportunities will indeed be his to grab. "I'm telling everyone that I am committing when I am there." Hunter said. "Coach Norvell is a great person, I've gotten a long with him great and I can see what they are trying to do on offense."

"I want to be part of that, there's plenty of chances to play early and they got all the support anyone could want in a program."

Needless to say, I had to ask just how certain he was about his potential decision. Broderick didn't hesitate in saying that the decision he thought he would make is one he plans on making not long after he arrives. "I plan to commit." He said. "I like everything I have seen, I have heard and I know I am going to like it when I get up there."

"If it feels right, it feels right. And this feels right to me."

Hunter will be visiting along with a variety of other players this weekend, 8 in total, Hunter included. Along with Hunter, Nebraska could come out of this weekend with as many as three commits from the visit and at least one more not long after.

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