Nebraska trying to steal a gem from Florida?

Florida is a state famous for churning out football talent. This year is no exception. However, most guys are discovered well before their senior years and that makes it tough to guys who are backing up upperclassmen as juniors. That is why so many players can fly a little under the radar when it comes to recruiting and especially in Florida.

It doesn't seem possible that someone so large could do it, but it is happening. He's listed at 6-foot-7 and 330 pounds and he is not a household name to recruiting gurus. His coach, Eric Patterson from Royal Palm Beach (Florida) High School said that Carl Spitale is actually around 335 now.

Royal Palm Beach brought in coach Patterson two years ago. His first year he went 1-9. Last season he went 5-5 in just his second season. He said that the prospect of this year that this year's team will improve on that mark. That may be due in some way to Spitale and what he brings to the table.

"He started about five games last year. He has a senior in front of him. You know how those big kids are, it takes them a while longer to mature into their bodies. Carl started coming into his not this spring but the spring before. In the one year, he improved 100% in his ability and what he can do."

"He's actually a big kid that can move really well. He can run anywhere between a 5.1 and a 5.3 (40 yard dash). He is what you would call the typical book-end tackle. He's got the long arms and everything."

The fact that he may have had that senior in front of him last fall may have hurt his recruiting a little bit. To date, he doesn't have any offers. He is fielding a lot of calls. What may have put Carl on the map this year was his camp performances this summer.

"We actually do a little mini-camp with Centennial High School and they have a very, very good defense this year. Carl handled all of those kids very well. Some of those defensive lineman are pretty strong. One of those kids is benching 400 pounds this summer. Carl did very well. Just two warriors battling against each other."

"Then we have a little defensive end at our school and he runs a 4.4/40. He's only a ninth grader with a 4.4. He's more like an outside backer playing end in our scheme. Carl can actually keep up with him when he has to pass block him. Carl can move his feet well enough to keep up with that guy."

"Most of the schools that are calling are Florida schools. Central Florida seems to be very interested in him. Iowa has also called about him. Georgia has talked to him and Georgia Tech. Miami has some interest in him. Florida has some interest in him. Except for Georgia Tech, Iowa and Central Florida the other ones have just been letters for the most part."

One school, like Iowa, that isn't in the Southeast that may be picking up interest in Spitale is Nebraska. "Actually Nebraska has been sending a couple of letters to him. It's nothing definite. Right now it's just informative letters, we know you're out there, we're interested in ya', write us back and we'll get you in our database letters. Hasn't been anything definite."

Quite of few schools were out to see Carl during the evaluation period including another school from the Big 12, Kansas State. Another unfortunate thing happened for Carl though that the night that a lot of schools were in attendance he got hurt.

"He wasn't able to play in the spring game. This Friday will be his first game at full-power. Honestly, there shouldn't be a kid in this county that he shouldn't be able to push."

The sleeper term to players has become so cliché. However, in Carl's case even his coach says that he is being overlooked and should be on a lot of people's lists this fall.

"Oh I definitely think so. They're not making that big of a deal about him because he didn't start his junior year. There was really no information put out on his performances last year until this year. Now, he is getting a heck of a lot more mail."

"He's definitely a legit, division I player. He's continued to improve. He just started getting into the weight room. Before I got there he wasn't in the weight room at all. We got the program rolling. He's made a lot of gains in squats, benching and power cleans. He's definitely a very athletic kid."

Before Patterson became a head coach two years ago he says that he was a "lowly" offensive coordinator at a high school in Miami. Having been an OC before in the past, how does Spitale rate as far as the other offensive lineman he has been around?

"Oh yeah, definitely he's one of the best offensive lineman I've been around. We had an offensive tackle sign last year with Texas A&M Prairieview. He was the best offensive lineman I had seen as far as motor. His mouth talks as fast as his heart goes. He is just a great player and a quality individual. Carl's getting all of the mail that the other kid didn't get. "

Carl carries about a 2.5 GPA and according to his coach he has scored over 1000 on his SAT.

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