Edward Britton - A household name at NU?

Edward Britton is kind of the mystery man for most people , even those diehards that follow recruiting like these prospects owe them money. When the highlights are being pointed towards players like Marlon Lucky, Leon Jackson or A.J. Jimmerson, Britton continues to plug along, piling up yards as well as those just mentioned. His anonymity might be a blessing nowadays, but if this up-coming trip for him this weekend goes well, Husker fans could find him to be a future household name.

As Edward Britton prepares for his visit to Nebraska, he's got what you would call a definite level of expectations.

From everything he's heard, everything he's seen on TV and all the information gleaned throughout this recruiting process, Britton has his mind set on just where those expectations will be once he finally makes it into Lincoln for the Huskers' home game against the Jayhawks of Kansas.

And those expectations are in a word, high. "Yeah, I would say they are pretty high." Edward said. "The crowd, the facilities, the atmosphere-I am just expecting for it to be big."

The fact that the NU/KU game is at night certainly doesn't hurt. "I can't say that I have ever played at anytime other than the night." He said. "But, fans are usually a lot more sluggish in those early day games, so it should be pretty exciting when the game gets going."

The game itself is very important to Britton right now. He's heard so much, seen so much, he's pretty much had enough. For him, the words are fine, what he reads is ok, but there's nothing like feeling it for yourself. "I just want to go see the place." He said. "You can talk to the coaches, you can see the football games on TV and that only takes you so far."

"To be there with eighty thousand Husker fans, that's what I want to see. I just want to see some Husker football."

For the Husker fan that has been following Britton to a degree, they are hoping that he sees everything he wants. That the trip is what he expected, that he felt what he hoped he'd feel and that even as soon as while he's visiting, Britton ends his all of his recruiting for the year.

Britton said that he didn't rule the chance of him committing there totally out of the realm of possibility, but said that until he's there, he just doesn't know what could happen. "I told myself that I would wait and look at everything before I made my decision." He said. "But, you never know what can happen. I mean, I don't, so I don't know if I would or might or what. I just have to get there and take things as they come."

One can hope or at least, Britton can hope that the feeling he is hoping for comes as easy to him as yards seem to on the field. A young man that while being the obvious target for defenses still manages to put together 10 yards per carry games like they are going out of style.

In fact, Britton will have another game on Thursday right before he heads to Nebraska early the next day as he prepares for this weekend's game.

Thus far, this team is 3-1 on the season, their only loss coming to Odessa Permian, the team that ironically enough is the one being filmed for ESPN's "Friday Night Lights".

It won't be Friday night lights for Britton this coming weekend though as the Saturday lights are the one's he's thinking about the most. Thinking about, wondering, pondering and contemplating that when he leaves the campus of NU, will he be still another recruit or a Husker to be?

"I'm trying not to think about that right now." He said. "I'll wait, take it all in, look at the things I care about and after that, who knows. It would be exciting, but I'll be sure about my decision before I'll be hasty."

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