Wednesday Practice Report

As the weekend looms ever closer, the health of the team has still maintained itself as an overriding issue. With so many players labeled "questionable" for KU, who's going to be where and when comes as of particular interest to Husker fans. One thing that also is grabbing their attention for the weekend is recruiting. So many visitors, so early in the season, this game will serve two purposes for NU – Try to remain undefeated in the Big XII and try to impress a few prep-players along the way.

The weather is near perfect. There are night games galore. It would seem that there's no better time for recruits to venture into Lincoln than during the early parts of the season.

That's been the strategy for head coach, Bill Callahan and company, get them here now and convince them if they can, that there is indeed no place like Nebraska. The downside to doing that, however, for most kids this is the first official visit they'll take, with four more allowed official visits still on the horizon.

Callahan said that's a risk he's willing to take. "We're taking our shot." Callahan said. "I think the approach has been very aggressive in that respect and it's already been successful, result-wise"

Thus far, Nebraska has had one commit directly from an official visit to Nebraska, that being New Mexico Military Institute athlete, Zack Bowman. In recent weeks, WR – Wallace Franklin, Lineman – Jacob Hickman and DB – Calvin Mickens also committed after visits to Lincoln, but those were of the unofficial variety.

Regardless of the type of visits though, Callahan is comfortable getting as many as he can as early as he can get them. "We have some extra visitations that are at our disposal that carry over from last year's season, so we are going to try and use them all."

"We are going to try and get as many players as we can in on the official weekend. If that means during the year, so be it."

The inordinate amount of early visits is just that, inordinate. But, Callahan said that as he's become more familiar with today's recruiting, the more he's realized that the faster you are, the better hope you have of keeping up with the current speed of the game. "One of the things that's striking me is that recruiting has been accelerated." Callahan said. "The entire process has been accelerated to the point where players are making early decisions."

"A lot of players out there want to get that decision made so they can move on in their own senior year, conclude their season, get into their playoffs and obviously feel comfortable that, that decision is made."

Needless to say, the entire coaching staff is hoping that this weekend, another weekend of near double-digit visitors will be fruitful in the amount of commits that happen before even the next week starts.

Check out our visit list for all the visitors that are expected into Lincoln for the game against the Kansas Jayhawks.

Speaking of the Hawks, the game is only a couple of days away and the questions concerning the team the most seems to be just who will be playing the game. Defensive End – Adam Carriker, Cornerback – Lornell McPherson, Cornerback – Fabian Washington, Offensive Guard – Jared Helming and even more were all questionable for this up-coming game.

While nothing is for certain on any of them, Callahan said that he was encouraged by what he had seen thus far. "They practiced." Callahan said of Fabian Washington, Lornell McPherson and Adam Carriker. "They all practiced well. They are making strides." Jared Helming also returned to practice today.

On the not-so-good front, fullback Steve Kriewald was lost for this up-coming game due to a knee-injury incurred in a pile. Callahan said that Dane Todd would serve in his place and that Grant Miller would be "brought up" to serve as the second string. Mike Erickson was also "dinged up", but it's unclear right now as to what his status is for the up-coming game with KU.

Nebraska will resume practice tomorrow, to be followed by the walk-through on Friday and game-time is slated to go off at 6:10 p.m. and will be aired on Pay-Per-View via Fox Sports Net.

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