Huskers contacting California JUCO WR

There will no doubt be an effort for Nebraska to try and bring in personnel at key positions to continue the transition next year into the West Coast Offense. The JUCO ranks will most likely be scoured, first and foremost, for wide recievers.

One JUCO player that Nebraska has already been in contact with is Justin Huey of San Joaquin Delta Junior College. Playing wide receiver is in the blood when it comes to Huey.

"My father played for Utah and was drafted by the San Francisco 49'ers," Huey said. "He was rookies with Jerry Rice. He went across the middle and got hit and the hit ended his career. He has passed some things down to me."

Having that type of guidance is invaluable as JUCO players leaving their schools are now being recruited again. Some by the same schools as two or three years ago.

Before his days at San Joaquin Delta JC, he was at West High School in Tracy, Calif. Huey graduated in 2003 and was being looked at by Fresno State, Oregon and Oregon State. But, no offers.

Coming out next year Huey will have three years to play two. He started as a true freshman last year at San Joaquin Delta. "I believe I had 56 catches for 672 yards and 11 touchdowns. I had around 200 yards rushing from reverses. I did a little kick returning last year."

Last year Huey brought home first team all-conference honors as a freshman and is off to a solid start now too. He plays in the Mid-Empire conference.

"We've played four, we're 3-1. Right now I have 29 catches for about 260 yards and two touchdowns. I have 40 or 50 rushing yards and one touchdown rushing. I am doing kick off returns this year."

Huey is kind of a throw back. Ask him what he loves to do and you would expect him to say to get the ball. That couldn't be further from the truth.

"First of all, I like blocking. I like to go out and block. I know that I am a receiver, but I like to block."

Huey stands at a solid 5-foot-10 and 183 pounds. For a man his size he is roughly benching around 260 or so and can squat nearly 400 pounds. He claims a 4.5/40.

The interest for Huey from division one schools is in full-swing. "I know that I've got letters from Utah State and Nebraska. Other than that, I don't know. I just got the letters two days ago, but they are dated in April."

He admits that the letters from Nebraska were really more informative. But, the part of the letters that he is about to act on was that he was supposed to correspond back. He is in the process of pulling together some tape and calling Nebraska.

Recruiting will take a back seat to some things that are going on right now for Huey. He is paying attention to getting his grades right and of course on this season. "We've got a real tough game coming up and I've been paying attention to my grades to make sure they are O.K. I'm interested in Fresno, Utah State and the Oregon schools."

One team before this year that Huey wouldn't have probably considered is Nebraska. He knows that the offense has changed, but because of his situation he is unable to catch Saturday games because he is playing himself.

"It's definitely different. They have the exact offense that I am really used to now. To me, I feel like I could fit in perfect there because I feel like I'm used to it. I've seen Coach Bill Callahan coach before and I know how he's doing there. That would be a great experience for me and see what I could do. We do similar stuff to them."

The information that Huey has received has sort of just whet his appetite to learn more about Nebraska. He admits that he doesn't know a lot about Nebraska, he hasn't needed to. Passing the ball 40+ times a game though will encourage some people to think outside the box.

"Ever since I have received those letters I have been trying to do some research on them. I really don't know too much about them. I'm working on getting a hold of them. I just want to tell them that I am interested and that I received those letters just now and that I wasn't just not responding."

Huey should be good to go come the end of the spring semester, which is good news to Husker fans. Over the past couple of years Nebraska has normally been waiting for a JUCO transfer to arrive in Lincoln due to trying to warp up some classes. Huey has been working hard to be done in May.

"I will be there in the summer. I have a 3.25 GPA. But I wouldn't be able to transfer until summer. At the end of the spring semester I will be done."

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