Thursday Practice Report

As Nebraska prepares for Kansas, the question that's been asked since all of two weeks ago is the question that keeps coming up again. How healthy are the Huskers right now? After Nebraska finished up their last practice of the week, head coach, Bill Callahan addressed just that.

During yesterday's practice, offensive tackle, Mike Erickson had injured his neck. Today, Erickson was back. While that bodes well for the injury in the long run, Callahan said of Erickson right now that he's not certain just what his status will be. "He practiced." Callahan said. "Now, to what extent, whether or not they will clear him to play, we'll see."

"I'm getting a report here in the morning, we'll see how he recovers tonight, see if he's ok, but I think he'll be all right. I am just speculating, but I need to know a little more tomorrow."

If Erickson is absent, Callahan said that either Nick Povendo or Darren DeLone could fill that spot. Cornealius Thomas, like DeLone, another junior college transfer, while he's listed on the depth chart, Callahan stated that his progression has it's ups and downs. "For a guy that hasn't been in a system like this, he'll take two steps forward, one step back and that's a natural progression for players that come out of J.C.

"He's going to be a player for us……someday."

While someday is good, it's tomorrow that matters, mostly who amongst the many that were nicked and bumped that could be or not be in the game to face the Kansas Jayhawks.

Amongst some that were either held out or seeing limited action due to a variety of issues were defensive end – Adam Carriker, Cornerback – Fabian Washington, Cornerback – Lornell McPherson, OG – Jared Helming, Cornerback – Joey Robison and Fullback – Steve Kriewald.

Kriewald and Robison are not expected in this game, but everyone else is either questionable or probable for the game.

For the game itself, this marks either another instance for the team to deflate as they have done in the second half of games, having special teams' issues along with third down situations on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, or……..not.

For much of the entire two weeks, those particular areas have been emphasized to the nth degree and as you might guess, the staff is expecting to see the fruits of their labor. "Execution, number one." Callahan said. "The ability to sustain drives, score, especially down in the red zone. We focused on the red zone and we focused on third down and special teams-wise, we've got to do a great job whether it's punt coverage or whether it's kickoff coverage."

"We've worked hard on that facet of our play."

"Defensively, we are going to be challenged. We are going to be spread out. It's going to be a little different than what we've seen. We are going to see a lot more four wide, maybe five wides. They are going to be wide-open and they have shown the ability to really spread people out."

The game will kickoff at approximately 6:10 p.m. tomorrow night and the Huskers are currently anywhere from 12 ½ to 13 point favorites against the Jayhawks.

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