I'd have to say it was a '9'

Just after he touchdowned and exited the plane Jackson realized what Nebraska football was all about. As he walked through the airport a fan recognized him and told him "Welcome to Nebraska."

Leon Jackson was pretty much blown away with the official to Nebraska this weekend. The 6-foot-3 and 200 pound standout from Pasco (Wash.) got in on Friday morning and returned home this morning.

"He stopped me and said 'you're that Jackson kid from Washington? We need ya'.' We got into Omaha and made the trip to Lincoln, it was about an hour," Jackson said. "They fed us. We weren't even hungry and we just kept eating."

On Friday Jackson got to see that academics was stressed on the visit. He was able to talk to business management professors and the academic support staff.

"I got to talk to one of the business teachers. She seems really nice. She seems like one I would get along with. She explained everything very well."

The first day of the official Jackson was hosted by some staff people. However, his player hosts ended up being Dan and Josh Bullocks. "They picked me to host. It was something. They are like their top players there."

On Saturday morning when they woke up the hotel had been painted red with Husker people, husker signs and he couldn't believe it. "Some people were asking my dad if I was thinking if I was going to go to Nebraska. It was a lot of fun."

One of the things that Jackson participated in that really got him was "The Walk". "Oh my God. They were telling us about and we just said, OK. It's their normal intro. The recruits came out before they did. The fans went nuts. They wanted to shake my hand and it was like Paparazzi because a camera blinded me. I was like Whoa! They treated us like we were part of the team. It was wonderful, loved it."

Jackson was able to meet a couple of future teammates even if he doesn't come to Nebraska. Leon met Craig Roark and Jordan Congdon who will both play in the U.S. Army All-Star game in San Antonio with Leon.

"I got to meet Nyan Boateng from Brooklyn. I met Montario Hardesty, we hung out for a little while. Jordan Congdon is thinking about going to Nebraska too."

Leon's father and fiancée made the trip with him to Lincoln. For Mr. Jackson, it was a trip that he was really able to take advantage of. Leon's father happens to be good friends with Jarvis Redwine's family and he grew up a Husker fan."

"He's die-hard. Our families knew eachother very well. He bought a hat, a sweatshirt and a football that all of the coaches signed for him. He bought me an authentic jersey which is exactly like they wear on the field with my last name and number on it (No. 23)."

This was Leon's first official visit. The atmosphere and the people are the biggest positives that he took away from the visit. He didn't say that one thing could have been better or that he wished that he would have done something else while he was there.

Coach Dennis Wagner is recruiting Jackson. While he was in Lincoln, Leon had a chance to meet with the entire staff and especially head coach Bill Callahan. Was there any thoughts about committing?

"I thought about it, I really did. But, I have to take the rest of my visits. I would rate the visit a '9'."

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