Britton gives glowing review to official

Out of curiosity I went ahead and ran the driving mileage for El Paso, Texas to Lincoln, Nebr. Yikes. The Britton's this weekend took an 18 hour trip, and more impressively, that spanned nearly 1200 miles from El Paso to Lincoln, in a car.

Edward Britton and his family, father, mother and sister, all took the 18 hour drive to Lincoln from El Paso. It was very important for his whole family to see Lincoln and the official visit rules only allow one parent to travel by air.

"My mother and sister wanted to go," Britton said. "Everyone went to Lincoln. We pulled into Lincoln about 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday."

Britton got a pretty good idea about the fan support that Nebraska has as soon as he got to the hotel. He noticed immediately that it was already packed with people wearing red.

"Everyone was excited at the hotel. I talked to the coaching staff a little bit. They came over to the hotel. I spoke to Mike Erickson and Cory Ross that night and some of the other recruits. I mostly hung out with Montario Hardesty and Nyan Boateng."

Saturday morning started bright and early and hit on some key things that his parents wanted to see. "We took a tour of the campus. I spoke to a computer science professor and got acclimated with the campus a little bit. We got to see the Sears trophies. We saw the stadium a little bit."

Britton's were able to catch lunch and then Edward was on a bus to the stadium with the players to take part in the walk. The walk is a new tradition at Nebraska, but one that has so far been popular with the recruits, players and fans.

"Some of the other recruits came in that had a Friday game and we went down to the players' hotel. We took the bus to the stadium. There were a lot of people screaming names. People were shaking my hand and patting me on the back. People knew who I was. They had a radio segment that morning in Lincoln of all the recruits that were there."

The other walk is the walk from the locker room onto the field. The recruits have been able to take this walk on the game day with the coaching staff before Bill Callahan leads the team out onto the field.

"That was even more exciting (than the walk). People were asking me for my autograph. They knew my name. They wanted me to touch their hand and stuff like that. It was pretty exciting."

The drive was well worth the trip for Edward's parents. "They really liked it. The big misconception is that Lincoln is a rural atmosphere, but it's really like a small city. People were always nice and helpful to my mom. Everybody wanted to help you out. My dad liked the academic part, the coaches a lot and their attitude towards the players. I liked the whole thing."

The plans for Edward now have two more officials in store for him. He is slated to visit UTEP this weekend and Texas Tech the following weekend. After that he is hoping to sit down and talk with his family about making a decision. He is anticipating having a decision made by October 26 or 27.

El Paso Montwood is 3-1 on the season after losing to "Friday Night Lights" or Odessa Permian. Britton has about 1200 yards rushing after the 4 games. He is averaging pretty close to 300 yards per game.

In Lincoln Britton was weighed and measured. He came in at 5-foot-11 and 175 pounds. He was also measured at different parts of his body at the knee, wrist and ankles.

Without a basis for comparison Britton rates the visit to Nebraska with a score of a '10'. "It was pretty amazing."

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