You see, amid all the turmoil and controversy surrounding the BCS and Nebraska's trip to the Rose Bowl/National Title game, something interesting had emerged. It turns out there are two kinds of Colorado Buffalo football fans – first, there's the 30,000 or so who support their team through thick and thin - the ones who show up at Folsom Field when San Jose State comes to town.

‘Type two' is all the bandwagon jumpers – the ones who go to a CU game now and again – bash the team and the coach when CU loses, and start riots when the Buffs win a big game. These are the CU "fans" who live to display their hatred for Nebraska at every possible opportunity.

Beating Nebraska is more important to these CU "fans" than anything else. They'd gladly win the battle, and lose the war.

These are the people who will be cheering the loudest for the Miami Hurricanes when they tangle with Nebraska in Pasadena. Never mind that (assuming CU beats Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl) a win by Nebraska could earn CU a share of the national championship for the first time in 11 years.

‘Type two' CU "fans" hate Nebraska more than they love the Buffs.

So I did my informal poll, simply asking, "Knowing that victories by both CU and Nebraska will give the Buffs a chance to share the National Championship with the Huskers, if CU beats Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl, will you be pulling for Nebraska in the Rose Bowl?"

The results: To heck with the national title - 84% of CU "fans" hope Nebraska gets blasted by Miami.

Explain this thinking? Explain how any real fan can place more importance on one game than on an entire season. The answer? They're not true fans. No true fan makes one game more important than a whole season.

A simple fact: If it meant getting a guaranteed shot at the national championship every year, Nebraska fans would gladly take a loss to Colorado every season. On the other hand, ‘type two' Colorado "fans" consider it a great season if they beat Nebraska…and finish 1-10.

It's a warped outlook, yet that's what's emerged as we approach New Years Day.

Ask yourself, if the Broncos needed to have the Raiders win on the final weekend of the season to get Denver into the play-offs, would Bronco fans cheer for the Silver and Black? How about this: If the Avalanche advancing in the play-offs depended on a victory by Detroit, would Colorado hockey fans cheer for the hated Red Wings?

In both cases, the answer is obviously ‘Yes.' Fans of the Broncos and Avalanche see the big picture – they're focused on their team winning a championship, not a single game.

If CU loses to Oregon, it's all moot. Husker hating can be done in unity. But if CU wins, and a share of the national title hangs in the balance, true silver and gold CU fans will be chanting ‘Go Big Red' on January 3. Not that you'll be able hear them over the 84% cheering for Miami.

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